July Roundup and August Bucket List

It’s hard to believe August is here already. The start of a new month means it’s time for the monthly roundup and bucket list. July has been a crazy month. With our first family holiday and my husband’s Nan’s 100th Birthday. My older sister coming over from Canada to meet baby girl for the first time, and the biggest thing for my blog was going self hosted. I have the photo of the 100th birthday cake here in My Sunday Photo 

It really has been a crazy month and I know I’m a few days late writing this as all 3 of us have had terrible Summer colds so haven’t felt the best.

July Roundup and August Bucket List

July Roundup

So we have started the weaning journey which you can read about in baby girl’s 6 Month ReviewIt’s a fun journey seeing what she likes and doesn’t, the messy face and hands! We were given some Out of Date Mates to review and these help organise your jars and pouches to know what you opened when. A money-saving lifesaver for weaning.

Out of Date Mates on jars and packets

Looking back at my July bucket list I have still yet to finish my media kit, but it’s a great work in progress! I will definitely have it done soon so I can start pitching to brands and of course we have started weaning. Considering the busy month I’ve had 1 out of 3 points on the list have been completed so I’m pleased with that.

I also took the plunge and went self hosted. I moved from blogger to WordPress. This was a huge thing for me as I have been so comfortable on blogger, but I want to grow so the move was necessary for me. I wrote a little post on Why go Self-Hosted? 

I have started up my own guest post series called New Mum Stories. It’s been something I have wanted to do for a while but never got around. It was either a linky or a guest series. I know I could never compete with all the fabulous linkies out in the blogging world so I went for a guest series instead. It’s about sharing your stories s  new mum. It can be recent experiences or looking back at when you became a mum. Happy, sad, challenging or even funny! I would love to read them all.

A huge blogging achievement for me was just a day ago, when the new Tots 100 rankings were released. I made it into the top 500 for the first time. at #458. Amazing! Thanks to all of you, my readers for supporting me.

August Bucket List

As always I love to increase my social media followers. These are July’s Figures.

  • Twitter: 3540 (+309)
  • Facebook 338 (+24)
  • Instagram 722 (+163)
  • Pinterest 285 (+13)

Blog Statistics – As you know I went self hosted so therefore all my blog stats reset, They are nearly back to before.

Aim for August is to keep on building my page views.

  • Page Views 3000
  • Unique Monthly Users 1200
  • Posts Published 25

~ To get more organised with posting and clear my back log of product reviews to be done.

~ Finish my media kit – must do!

~ Start weaning baby girl off the breast during the day and onto formula as I go back to work in 2 months!

~Sort through baby girls pile of clothes that she has grown out of.

~If the weather clears up I need to finish weeding, tidying and replacing the bark in the garden.

I hope you all have a lovely month


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  1. Well done on growing your social media following this month and going self hosted – sounds like you are doing really well with your goals. Good luck with weaning your baby girl off the breast in preparation for going back to work in a couple of months’ time and with clearing the backlog – I’m still trying to catch up with mine at the moment too! 🙂

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