Income and Stats Report for September 2017

I apologise for being a few days late with last month’s income report. I’ve had so much work on it’s been nigh on impossible to keep up. Plus last week baby girl was really ill. The worst she has ever been. She had some horrendous virus that caused a high temperature and vomiting then a horrid rash came out. I had to take time off from my day job at short notice which isn’t the best. I don’t get paid if I don’t go in.  Luckily when baby girl was napping I cracked on with some blog work to cover my loss in wages.

Anyway here we are at my Income and Stats report for September 2017.

(If you never caught up with last month’s you can find that one here)

Income and Stats Report September 2017


Twitter – 7490 (+125)

Facebook – 1168 (+19)

Instagram – 1650 (+14)

Pinterest – 930 (+16)

Bloglovin – 393 (+5)

G+ – 120 (+22)

Youtube – 85 (+72)

Email List – 636 (+33)


Income – £595.16 – Collaborative posts and social shares. Up £80.46 on last month.

Expenses – £81.86  – PayPal fees, hosting, social oomph for twitter scheduling, Filmora Video Editor, Tailwind for Pinterest.


DA 36 (-3)

Tots 100 –  #210 (+19)

Blog Posts – 26 (+1)

Posts with the highest number of views:

The Twist Curling Wand Review

Book Review : Prisoner of Ice and Snow

Personalised Papercut Review from Twenty Fingers

Platforms with the most referral traffic:

  • Twitter
  • Search Engines
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest


Books read:

The Red Thread by Dawn Farnham

False Lights by KJ Whittaker


Thanks for stopping by today, I really hope you have enjoyed this post because I have loved going back over and seeing what I’ve achieved this month.

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