City Smarts: Keeping Your Kids Safe on a City Break

It can be an exciting adventure taking your kids away on a city break but you do also have to think about keeping them safe in such a busy part of the world, while still being able to take in all the sights.

city break with kids

Here are some tips on how to find a good balance between enjoying the chance to explore a big city while maintaining safety awareness, including strategies for negotiating busy shopping malls, avoiding a common injury, and ways to plan for if something does go wrong.

Lost in the crowds

If you have checked into a central hotel like the JW Marriott Washington, DC, you will be at the heart of the action that is happening in the nation’s capital, which means crowded streets and shopping malls.

It is almost inevitable that you are going to want to take in a bit of shopping along with sightseeing and that means there are plenty of chances to lose sight of your child, even for a brief moment, unless they are right by your side.

Your heart will definitely skip a beat when that happens, which is why it makes sense to make plans for a nightmare scenario where you do actually lose sight of your child and they have become lost in the crowd.

It only takes a moment for that to happen, if they are distracted by a store display, for instance, and go to check it out.

Think about putting ID bracelets on them before you go and there is even the option of a temporary tattoo with their name and phone number that you can get put on.

There is a potential issue with revealing their name to a stranger with some ID, but if they do get separated from you, it can speed up the reunion process once security gets involved.

Risk of injury

You might be surprised to learn that thousands of kids are injured by elevators each year, finding their hands or limbs get crushed in the doors.

The problem is that the sensors don’t always pick up something as small as a child’s hand or leg, meaning the door will continue to close with their hand in the way.

Try to educate your child about not touching or leaning on the elevator doors and make them aware that the safety features of the door might not kick in if it doesn’t register their presence.

The harness debate

The topic of using a safety harness if you have a toddler often divides opinion.

Some children seem to have a thing for running away at a moment’s notice. If you have a child that can be unpredictable and impulsive like that, you might decide it is better to have greater control of their movement with a harness than worry about a few disapproving glances.

The main thing about child safety in a busy city is to have a plan that everyone is aware of so that if disaster strikes and you lose touch with each other, you know what to do or where to meet up.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy a family city break without incident, but if you have the city smarts when it comes to safety, it should give you that extra peace of mind and chance to enjoy the visit more.


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