Blogging on Instagram? Remember These 5 Tips to Monetize Your Hobby!

By 2021, an average US user is expected to spend 29 minutes per day on Instagram. If your audience spends some of that each day engaging with your account, consider yourself a winner. 

Any social network is incredibly abundant, so there is an abundance everywhere on this social network. The hard part is being unique within the tiles of the Explore page. 

Convincing your target audience to click on a particular post, and converting their interest into money is where the work lies. 

To begin with, there is no universal formula for all to monetize on Instagram. You will have to create, evolve, try and repeat many times before you find one that works for you. 

If you are hoping to build a profitable business on the platform, here are some worthwhile ideas. 

blogging on instagram to make money
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Sell from Your Web Store

If you have a web page or an online store that features your hobby, Instagram serves as the most convertible social media network. 60% of users discover new products on Instagram, while over 200 million users consult at least one business profile per day.

This social network is a great way to create more awareness of the products you are selling and the services offered. 

If your audience is among the young crowd, you have the most to benefit from this. Students are even looking for academic assistance from services such as through Instagram today!

Offer an Attractive Package to Sponsors 

Whether you want to be an influencer or use Instagram as a marketplace, the first step is to show that you can sell on your page. 

Pick a niche to focus on, and build your brand around it. The most important thing that attracts sponsors is the value you bring to the table. If you are capable of offering a unique solution to your audience through authentic and high-quality content, you will soon see your brand growing. 

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not always necessary to have a huge following to make money. 

Instagram entrepreneurs such as Cinnamon and Coriander get sponsored for their posts with only 3000 followers. As a food blogger, the author has released a book and has managed to create a unique selling point for the brands with her engagement and quality posts. 

Influencers like her only promote brands or causes they believe in. 

Sell Your Products Directly 

Instagram Shopping feature encourages users to showcase the gallery with their best products. This invites potential customers to discover your products on the Explore page. Tag the product with the price along with a link directing to your website. 

Creating a website or a blog would give your brand a professional impression, but it is not necessary to make money. 

Alternatively, many accounts are also using Direct Messages to connect with customers and sell products. You can do this without meeting the prerequisite of 10,000 followers to avail of the “swipe up” feature to redirect to your website. 

Along with user-generated content and hashtags, the game is fairly easier for business owners to leverage social media marketing and indulge in business at the same time. 

Become an Affiliate 

One does not always have to find sponsors to monetize on social media. You can take it upon yourself to find great products and promote them to your audience. 

You only need to make sure that you get paid for this affiliation. Many brands and companies are welcoming Instagram affiliate marketers on board to advance their sales. 

As an affiliate, you are focusing on getting the audience to buy products from the links to gain a commission. In comparison, as an influencer, your aim is to grow brand awareness. 

There are various affiliate programs you can sign on, and when your following increases, you will be able to receive a higher percentage as commission. 

Sell Your Skill 

Instagram has made it possible for several artists and entrepreneurs to be able to reach a bigger audience. The best part of social media is that you can sell any skill and expertise at all levels; there will always be takers from beginners to advanced. 

To share your knowledge, you can package your expertise into a digital product. 

Possibilities to monetize this includes online courses, podcasts, consultations, webinars, ebooks, and tutorials. However, to succeed, you need to grow an audience that trusts your expertise.

How To Make Money On Instagram
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Final Words 

Instagram is growing at lightning speed. And there are plenty of ways to monetize on this platform. Choose a tactic that works for you, configure your page to your brand, and focus on building awareness on that. 

Is monetizing on Instagram is something that interests you – the time is right now.

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