SNAPSTAR Dolls: Snap, Style, and Share – Review

*Ad-gifted: We received the Snapstar dolls and accessories in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The world of dolls is forever changing, and these SNAPSTAR dolls are the latest ones we have been sent to review. With the ever-presence of social media in our lives, seeing a child’s doll being incorporated into this world is food for thought if I’m being honest. But I’m starting this review with an open mind and learning what a SNAPSTAR doll can do and how it can enrich a child’s life.

SNAPSTAR Dolls: Snap, Style, and Share - Review
#SNAPSTAR Dolls: Snap, Style, and Share

Before I share my thoughts on the SNAPSTAR dolls, here is a little bit about them.


Enter the world of SNAPSTAR, an immersive world of fashion, beauty, music, photography, and design where the trendsetting squad of six social influencers defines what’s next and aspirational.

SNAPSTAR doll and accessories
SNAPSTAR doll and accessories

Who are the SNAPSTAR dolls?

There are six dolls to collect, each doll has a different area of focus in the influencer world. Each doll has 15 points of articulation that allow for striking just about any pose on the green screen. They have really pretty inserted glass-like eyes and changeable hairstyles due to the hair on each doll being a wig. All fashion accessories, clothes, and hairstyles are fully interchangeable with every doll. The shoes can be clipped off and shared around with the other dolls, as well as the hair bands and earrings.

The SNAPSTAR dolls
The SNAPSTAR dolls

ECHO – Echo is a dreamy damsel who floats through life with an easy-breezy outlook. Although she embodies the shimmering grace of a mermaid, she is never a ‘fish out of water’. Echo is a hair & makeup pro whose beauty tutorials have made her a social media superstar.

LOLA – Lola is a ball of positive energy who sees the best in everyone and the beauty in everything! Lola is passionate about changing the world for the better; she believes kindness is the key. She is always bubbly and giggly all the girls love having her around because she makes everyone around her feel great and inspires them to be their best selves. Lola loves animals and dreams of a world without bullies. She also has a serious sweet tooth and is obsessed with anything unicorn.

IZZY – Izzy is a green girl who loves the environment and is passionate about recycling! This girl doesn’t let anything go to waste—she can turn just about anything into something amazing. Izzy loves hosting crafting parties, sketching, stitching, cutting and pasting. Her followers love her how-to videos for mason-jar candle holders and friendship bracelets made of candy wrappers.

YUKIYuki is a feisty chick who marches to her own beat! She is a music enthusiast always cranking out the hottest Electronic Dance Music tracks. When Yuki isn’t in the studio she is booked solid DJing parties all over town, she’s always sure to get her girls on the VIP list. She loves everything fast and loud: cars, motorbikes, rollercoasters—but especially her MUSIC! You can follow Yuki on social media to access her newest, unreleased songs.

DAWN Dawn is a high-power, high-fashion diva who only settles for the best—she knows what she wants and always gets it! When Dawn isn’t playing dress-up she is rubbing elbows with celebs at the most exclusive events. She sits front row at every major runway show, is always first in line at sample sales and trunk shows; and never forgets to post her #OOTD Bold yet sophisticated; Dawn’s look is always on-point.

ASPEN – Aspen is a wide-eyed wanderer—she is always on the go and doesn’t mind living out of her suitcase. Aspen wants to see the world and she wants her followers to come along for the ride! Aspen also loves decorating her place. She collects treasures from all over the world to adorn her abode. Preferring natural or nude makeup, and loves photography.

What’s included?


  • 1 x 25cm doll,
  • 1 x interchangeable hairstyle,
  • 1 x fashion outfit and matching accessories,
  • Adjustable doll stand and
  • Foldable green screen
  • Instruction booklet

There is a free downloadable SNAPSTAR STUDIO APP that allows kids to style and customise their SNAPSTAR’s hair, make-up, eye color and shape, accessories and background scene

The SNAPSTAR app is only compatible on devices with Apple App Store or Google Play access.

What I thought of the SNAPSTAR dolls

The dolls arrive in a box that is similar to a smartphone. So you know exactly what these dolls are about – social media queens. The dolls are really pretty to look at and the eyes are fantastic. So what’s different about the SNAPSTAR dolls is that they are basically models that have articulated limbs you can pose. Then attach them to their stand by the point on the back of the doll’s neck. Place them in front of the green screen that’s supplied and then you can snap away.

Fixing SNAPSTAR doll onto the doll stand
Fixing SNAPSTAR doll onto the doll stand
ECHO on the doll stand
ECHO on the doll stand
Removing hair from SNAPSTAR doll
Removing hair from SNAPSTAR doll
Styling Echo with the SNAPSTAR app
Styling Echo with the SNAPSTAR app

I downloaded the app onto my iPhone to try out modeling Echo into different styles. You first choose your doll on the app.

SNAPSTAR app - choosing your doll
SNAPSTAR app – choosing your doll

The app was a little glitchy at first, but once I got the hang of at it’s pretty simple to use so ideal for kids. There are many backgrounds and filters to use on the app, as well as doing makeup, hairstyles and adding text. You need to remove the doll’s hair before using her with the green screen. This versatility means you can easily play with the SNAPSTAR dolls in the traditional way or by getting the phone out and doing the virtual styling.

Styling Echo with the SNAPSTAR app
Styling Echo with the SNAPSTAR app

A doll with an accompanying app is now a whole new level of just “playing with dolls”. You could honestly spend hours styling the dolls, snapping and then sharing on social media using #SNAPSTAR.

Overall, the SNAPSTAR dolls are a lot of fun to play with, but I do have a niggling concern with the sharing on social media and the heavy involvement with that side. The dolls are suitable from age 5 plus and for me personally, I feel the younger age range is not old enough for the app side of things. They do however make a fun doll to play with.

The question is which doll will you be buying first?

Available from

Amazon, Argos, Smyths Toys and other good toy retailers.

RRP £18.00

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