Why Would You Want To See London With Your Own Eyes?

He who is bored of London is bored of life. This immortal saying is truer now than it ever was. This city is unlike any other in the world. It’s not quite European, but that’s what makes it so special. Its architecture is mostly Georgian and Victorian whereas the architecture in Europe is gothic, baroque and rococo.

See London with your own eyes
See London with your own eyes

The food is hearty and for a wet cold climate, while in Europe it’s more delicate and softer on the palette. The cars are classic and more towards the grand tourer type, while in Europe they’re for the city driving style. The music, art galleries and theaters in this city cannot be replicated by anywhere else. In this day and age when many cities are losing some parts of their traditions, there is still the changing of the guard occurring in London streets. If all this wasn’t enough to convince you, that you need to see London with your own eyes, this will win you over.

Hello with a top hat 

There are many hotels in London that you would want to rest your weary head in. But since you’ve come to the city of class and history, you will want a hotel that celebrates the old customs. The Athenaeum is a hotel by Pride of Britain Hotels. Outside you have a concierge with a top hat, that greets you with a warm smile every time you enter. It’s a little expensive but if you enter one of these free online competitions you can find the answers to quiz questions set by various companies that are offering lavish gifts. The Pride of Britain Hotels quiz is very easy and if you enter it with the answer that’s already given to you, you could win a trip to London and stay in one of their hotels. You also get £250 to spend on your travels.

156 years and going strong

Capital cities around the world have their own distinct metro systems. But we all know London has the best one. It’s 156 years old and it’s still going strong. Yes it’s a bit noisy since the tracks laid down are still from the Victoria era. Yet, it’s full of history and incredible time shifts in history. It’s known as ‘the tube’ because it’s kind of what you get into as you move around the city. The tube is the hallmark of this breathtaking city and recently it’s been given an update to make it so. The new ventilation system thrusts air down the tube network so people on the platforms and in the trains get a gust of fresh air. It’s filtered so minimal pollutants remain in the underground.

A classic prop

There are some locations in London that have appeared in countless blockbuster titles. One of them is the humble regency cafe that provides good old fashioned British comfort food at a very reasonable price. This is one place you have to stop if you’re ever in this amazing place.

London is right up there with the best cities in the world. It has so much history that’s still celebrated vigorously and it’s distinct from other capital cities in Europe. 

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