5 Of The Top Annual London Food Festivals

Food festivals have really come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Once seen as the sole purview of food nerds and high-class chefs – the rise in popularity of TV cooking shows mean that everyone is basically a foodie now. So, we thought we’d run through some of the best food festivals in London to give all of you newly christened foodies something to pop in your diaries.

5 Of The Top Annual London Food Festivals

Taste of London (19 – 23 June) – An event that has gone some way towards establishing itself as the most prestigious event on every London foodie’s calendar, Taste of London is held in Regent’s Park every summer. It allows guests the chance to not only sample some of the city’s most exciting flavours from some it’s very best chefs but it also features a number of masterclasses with cocktail masters, fast-food impresarios, and true culinary icons.

National Geographic Traveller Food Festival (20 – 21 July) – Taking place at the Business Design Centre, this festival is all about the kinds of global cuisine that you might not find anywhere else on earth. Specialising in food from far-flung locations and speakers that know a thing or two about strange and exotic tastes, this is a must for adventurous food lovers from all walks of life.

Croydon Food and Music Festival (23 June) – The festival that celebrated its 8th year in 2019 and drew a crowd of almost 13,000 to the famous Croydon restaurant quarter, this is truly the big one! Not only a major boon to the local community, this festival has become a favourite tourist activity and boasts not only almost 100 food stalls but two stages of live music featuring some of the very best local bands. It’s also held around the same time as the Purley Food and Drink Festival and the train from East Croydon to Purley is always nice and cheap so why not make it a double-header?

5 Of The Top Annual London Food Festivals

The London Dessert Festival (17 – 18 August) – The clue here is very much in the name. The annual dessert festival has been known to host such extravagances as candy-floss clouds, bubbles that taste like ice cream and an entire wall made out of doughnuts. It’s like walking right into Willa Wonka’s chocolate factory and even includes a generous vegan section alongside the usual suspects – chocolate, pastry, ice cream, and cookie dough.

London Brunch Fest – Brunch is a word that meant very little only a few years ago but has taken the dining world by storm in recent years. For those of us that appreciate a lie-in but don’t want to miss out on some of the most beloved breakfast dishes, brunch is the perfect meal and this festival celebrates that fact. Feast on some of the capital’s most popular brunch items whilst listening to top DJs and enjoying tips and workshops from leaders in the London brunch industry.

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