MojiPops Party Collectibles: Starter Pack, Club Room, Sunny Beach and Food Truck – Review

*AD-gifted: We were gifted a selection of the MojiPops Party Collectibles in exchange for this post.

We are huge collectible fans here and our latest collection we are reviewing is the MojiPops party collectibles. We received a wonderful box of items to share with you. It contained a starter pack, 10 one pack blind bags, 3 Club Room’s, the Sunny Beach playset, and the Food Truck playset.

MojiPops Party Collectibles: Starter Pack, Club Room, Sunny Beach and Food Truck - Review

My first thoughts were of how bright colourful and exciting they are. Little nuggets of fun! L was so excited, she couldn’t wait to get playing! The MojiPops are fantastic for learning about expressing emotions. With their swappable flip faces, we have been enjoying lots of imaginative play.

MojiPops Party Swappable Faces

One scenario we have been playing is with the Sunny Beach playset outside with the play sand. It was bright and sunny and we were pretending we were at the beach. The MojiPops were happy and chilling out. But then it started to rain! The MojiPops and we were sad. They really are helpful little collectibles with role-playing and getting children to understand their emotional ability.

MojiPops Party Collectibles: Starter Pack, Club Room, Sunny Beach and Food Truck - Review

MojiPops Starter Pack

If you are new to MojiPops, a great place to start is with the MojiPops Starter Pack. For just £5 you can learn all about the word of MojiPops. The Starter Pack contains an Activity Guide, 2 MojiPops in one pack blind bags, 1 special Pearl MojiPop, an exclusive glitter Club Room, and an exclusive key chain.

MojiPops Party Starter Set

We love this Starter Pack, it’s bright, full of fun activities and games and it includes 2 sheets of stickers. Some are for the sticker games inside the activity guide and some are just for decorating what ever you want!

MojiPops Party Starter Set Stickers

MojiPops One Pack Blind Bags

In the party series, there are 90 new characters to collect. Some even have glitter detailing! There are 12 new expressions, this time with an embossed, pearl effect! Discover the Gardeners, the Foodies, the Fruttis, the Crafties, the Homies, and the Cuties. The MojiPop to collect is Poppy Celebrity – she’s super famous and the only one with the gold effect! In the MojiPops one pack, you get 1 MojiPop and the checklist. Great pocket money toys to build your collection.

MojiPops Party One Pack

MojiPops Club Rooms

The MojiPops have these cool little Club Rooms where they can relax, and get ready to party. There are 6 different scenes in two colour variations, ideal for collecting, and you can change the “chat bubbles” to personalise them. Every Club Room comes with a pearl effect! You can also stack them and build your own MojiPop building to show off your whole collection! They also stack on top of the Club Houses to build your very own Moji Club. Each Club Room contains 1 MojiPop and the room.

MojiPops Party Club Room
MojiPops Party Club Room Stacked

Sunny Beach Play Set

Put the MojiPops on the jet ski and make them surf the waves. Who will be the brave MojiPop who can keep their balance on their surf board? The more laid-back MojiPops will also be able to enjoy the beach, relaxing under their umbrella. And of course everyone will be safe with the lifeguard in their tower, watching over MojiLand beach.

MojiPops Sunny Beach

We love the MojiPops Sunny Beach set. We have been playing outside in the play sand area. It’s perfect for Summer fun! You can surf the wave while being pulled along by the jet ski driven by Molly and as the lifeguard will always have your back Kelly.

MojiPops Surf Champion
MojiPops Party Sunny Beach set


  • MojiPops Kelly and Molly
  • Accessories – sunglasses, suncream, watermelon slice, fruit cocktail drink
  • Surfboard
  • Jet ski
  • Surf wave
  • Deckchair with parasol
  • Lifeguard station
MojiPops sunny beach on the sand

Food Truck Play Set

Today we’re going out to eat! Do you feel like some guacamole and tacos? In Lupita’s food truck the MojiPops can eat and drink refreshing juices in the open air. When the food truck is parked, Lupita can serve food to the MojiPops who come along feeling hungry and make their orders by changing the stickers on the menu. When it’s time to close… she just hooks up the car and moves on to her next destination in MojiLand! Where will Lupita’s food truck stop this time? It’s up to you!

MojiPops Food Truck


  • MojiPops Pepa and Lupita
  • Accessories – spicy sauce refreshing drink, taco, guacamole
  • Picnic table and two seats
  • Menu board with menu
  • Car
  • Food Truck

The MojiPops Food Truck and Sunny Beach set are all interchangeable, great for making up your own stories. So we had the Food Truck, stop by Sunny Beach for the afternoon. We had great fun playing with the Food Truck. There is a menu slider on the truck and everything packs nicely away in the Food Truck afterward.

Moji Pops Food Truck

We absolutely love the MojiPops collectibles. There are 12 faces to collect on 90 MojiPops Party Series, 12 club rooms and 6 club houses. We have enjoyed finding out the MojiPops we have collected by comparing them to the collectors guide included with the packs.

Poppy Celebrity is an exclusive MojiPops with gold detail, She is the holy grail to find. Guess what? We found her! L was so excited to find her!

Poppy Celebrity  Gold MojiPops Party

So there are 3 special finishes to the MojiPops – glitter, pearl, and gold. Then there are the cute ones, rare, special edition, and exclusive. You can find all 90 characters in 6 different families. These are Cuties, Gardeners, Foodies, Fruttis, Crafties, and Homies. We love the Gardeners and the Foodies best! We can’t wait to continue with our collection. These are great pocket money toys for children. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

MojiPops Collectors guide

MojiPops Party: Swap Faces – Express Your Emotions!

Where To buy MojiPops Party

You can buy selected MojiPops from The Entertainer and Amazon


We have decided to giveaway 5 of our one packs so another child can start or continue their collection.

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85 thoughts on “MojiPops Party Collectibles: Starter Pack, Club Room, Sunny Beach and Food Truck – Review

  1. My daughter loves these and they actually really help with being able to name and acknowledge various emotions which she struggles with. Hope to win!

  2. These look fantastic, a great little gift for our daughter, a hoarder and collector as bad as her mum (that’s me!) lol! x

    1. We actually found my daughters one and only moji pop in the draw the other day, she got it from one of her friends as a leaving present 🙂 they are very cute would love to win for her

  3. I love that kids can explore different emtions through play, Thanks for the review I know mine would get hours of fun from this collection

    1. These look like a lot of fun! I used to love collecting Polly pockets when I was younger! My niece would like these.

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