Uni-Verse Unicorn – The Surprise Collectible

*AD-Gifted: We received the Uni-Verse Unicorn packs in exchange for this post.

L and I are both obsessed with unicorns. We were extremely excited to find out what was inside the Uni-Verse Unicorn collectibles we were kindly given to check out.

Uni-Verse Unicorn - The Surprise Collectible

What are the Uni-Verse Unicorns?

The surprise Uni-Verse unicorns are hidden inside a Uni-Verse cloud. We received four clouds in four different colours to discover. The clouds have soft have adorable emoji faces. You have to dunk the Uni-Verse clouds in warm water to reveal what’s inside.

 Uni-Verse Unicorn Emoji Cloud
Dunking the Uni-Verse Unicorn - The Surprise Collectible

How to reveal your Uni-Verse Unicorns

So you dunk the emoji‐inspired cloud in warm water and watch as it magically dissolves, changing the water’s colour. The colour of the water is a hint as to which world your Uni-Verse unicorn is from.

Dunking the cloud

When the cloud has magically disappeared the water eventually turns into slime. It’s a sticky slime!

Gunky sticky slime from the Uni-Verse unicorns

I suggest having a towel ready to place the contents from the cloud as it will be wet and slimy.

There are four blind bags inside a clear bag to unwrap.

Revealing the surprise bags inside
the 4 surprise bags from Uni-verse unicorn

Inside one of the blind bags, you will find your fantastic Uni-Verse Unicorn figure. Then two accessories in another, a Unicorn Toot or tear-shaped friend in the third bag.

In each cloud, you’ll also find a special scratch‐off unicorn bio card (super‐fun tip: use your unicorn’s hoof) to learn about its likes, dislikes, favourite food and rarity level; and a collector poster. 

Uni-Verse Unicorn Scratchcard
Uni-Verse Unicorn Scratchcard scratched

Each Unicorn is Different

Contained in the pack inside the cloud is an instruction sheet plus your collector sheet detailing all the Uni-Verse Unicorns you can collect.

Uni-Verse Unicorn Collectors Sheet

You will discover that the unicorns come in different sizes and themes. Like glow in the dark, fun hair, scents, colour changing and more. You can mix and match the accessories on all of the Uni‐Verse characters (each sold separately) to create silly combinations! Some unicorns love perfume or look like a doughnut! Some have things floating in their tummies. Each is unique! With over 40 to collect there is so much to discover in the world of Uni-Verse Unicorns.

Mwah-Mwah Mia

All the unicorns are divided up into categories:

  • Super mega unique
  • Extra unique
  • Very unique
  • Unique
Arcadey Sadey

Some of them also have special features:

  • Glitter
  • Colour changing
  • Liquid filled
  • Scented
  • Fun Hair
  • Glow in the dark
  • Translucent
  • Metallic
  • Fuzzy
Dilly Dotty Dolly Fun Hair

Uni-Verse Unicorn Worlds

There are seven whimsical worlds in the Uni-Verse world including:

  1. Sweet Treats Landing
  2. Pet Party Peak
  3. Mist-Terious Land
  4. Funtasyland
  5. Superstar City
  6. Nummy Bay
  7. Glam-a- Ganza Land

Which Uni-Verse Unicorns did we find?

We discovered Glammin Cameryn and Mwah-Mwah Mia from the Glam-a-Ganza Land and Dilly Dolly Dotty and Arcadey Sadey from Funtasyland. These are part of the series 1 Uni-Verse.

Glammin Cameryn Uni-Verse unicorn
Dilly Dotty Dolly

Glammin Cameryn is a unique unicorn along with Arcadey Sadey. Mwah-Mwah Mia is a super mega unique unicorn that is liquid filled. Dilly Dotty Dolly is extra unique with fun hair!

Our Collection Of Uni-Verse Unicorns

Final Thoughts

We enjoyed opening the surprise bags with the Uni-Verse unicorns inside. But not huge fans of the dunking of the clouds. There was a funny smell as they were melting in the water. The slime is also quite sticky to get off the hands.

However, the Uni-Verse Unicorns and accessories were lots of fun to open, play with and mix and match. We loved the addition of the scratch card. They are adorable and cute figures. With such a large range to collect (over 40) odds of getting doubles are smaller. L is a fan of the Uni-Verse world!

Suitable for ages 5 + due to small parts. I would recommend adult supervision with the unveiling of the Uni-Verse clouds due to the slime. It’s pretty sticky and hard to get off. You wouldn’t want it everywhere!

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