Daily Living Aids For The Elderly or Limited Mobility

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The daily tasks we all need to do to live can be so much more difficult when there are mobility issues to contend with, especially when it comes to undertaking tasks in the kitchen, as well as other areas of the home.

But the good news, is that there are an ever growing range of daily living aids to help with some of the tasks that present the most difficulty, and manufacturers are constantly looking at developing new products and innovative solutions to everyday problems in the kitchen and other areas of the home.

Daily living aids for the elderly, or those with limited mobility

Here, we’ll pick out just a few of the available products that we think are very useful in terms of how they can help to make life easier and save time for those with a disability, recuperating from an injury, or for those who just find that their grip and general coordination needs a little extra help.

Daily living aids to make life easier

Lady using a laptop tray - daily aids for the elderly or limited mobility

Firstly, the Lap Tray With Non-Slip Mat is a great idea for making eating or hobbying, or even reading or using phone/ laptop while sitting down as it keeps the contents of the tray level and so giving you better control and more comfort

The lap tray provides a level surface, due to the detachable, washable bean bag will mould itself to the contours of your lap, so making all activities easier and safer, avoiding spills and drops of food when on the sofa or in bed.

Sometimes eating nutritious food is harder than it should be, and ready meals selected, due to the difficulty in preparing food in the kitchen and having to have the ability to hold items in place firmly while you are cutting, slicing or dicing. 

The Swedish Fix It Food Preparation Board comes into its own for this purpose, providing you with many functions to allow the safe and steady holding in place of many food types, while you prepare your ingredients.

The durable cutting board is ideal for those who have difficulty in gripping, or only have the use of one hand, with the clamp fixing items, such as tins or bowls, and the stainless steel spikes keep vegetables still when peeling or cutting.

The Swedish Fix It Food Preparation Board

The Swedish Fix It Food Preparation Board makes all of the preparation easier, so it’s easier to select and use healthier ingredients, instead of grabbing the nearest unhealthy ready-meal, or dialling for a takeaway.

The board comes with four non-slip rubber feet to prevent it from moving. Suction pads are also provided for use on wet surfaces

Sometimes the act of moving food from one room to another and navigating closed doors and handles, as well as other obstacles that you could really do with a free hand to move and avoid proves difficult.

Free hand tray with non slip mesh

One solution to this is the Freehand Tray With Non-Slip EVA Mesh. This versatile tray only requires one hand to use, so allowing much easier movement of food, or any other items, around the home or garden. 

The Freehand Tray is a fantastic daily living aids, it allows you to open doors, climb stairs, and support yourself safely whilst carrying items. The unique handle folds flat inside the inner rim of the tray and locks into place in the upright position, ensuring your hands do not become trapped when you put the tray down.

The non-slip EVA mesh means that the contents of the tray are held in place securely when being carried, avoiding any spills or dropping of items along the way, as the contents of the tray securely grip to the rubber base.

Ways to use a Economical Multi Opener

If you sometimes struggle to open cans and jars, the Economical Multi Opener may be just the answer for you. This innovative and low-cost device combines the easy opening of aluminium can tabs. as well as twist resalable and pressure sealed bottle caps.

It’s very frustrating not being able to open a can, bottle or jar, and can put off even the most determined cook when faced with uncooperative lids in the way of your culinary creations.

Reaching for the Multi Opener makes those difficulties a thing of the past, as you can now get the tops off your ingredients and sauces much more easily.

If you’d like to see a wider selection of our kitchen aids, then click on the link here.

Phil Ashforth is a staff writer for Mobility Smart, an online retailer of health, wellbeing and mobility equipment to help you recover from injury, recuperation and protection of joints and muscles when exercising or just helping you in normal daily life, you’ll find their website here.

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  1. Speaking as a disabled person I am very grateful for many different helps but they can make life more difficult for the rest of the family especially if they are young.

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