Gardening With Mobility Issues

Gardening with mobility issues is very hard for the elderly and people with disabilities.

But why should they let this hold them back? Why not try to work around the disabilities?

My dad is 87 years old and loves the outdoor life. He has practically lived outside all his life and still does so nowadays. Being elderly it’s hard for him to make the most of his back garden. Only the other day he mentioned  to me that he is going to stop planting on the veg patch because he cannot do it anymore. So I suggested to him why not just plant some potatoes into one of those potato grow bags you can get nowadays? It will save you stooping down so much. Or plant some lettuce in window boxes.

This has given him food for thought I can assure you!

gardening with mobility issues

NRS Healthcare have produced a booklet on the benefits of doing gardening with mobility issues. There are lots of great hints and tips inside on how to make it easier for people with limited mobility.

Here is the link to this helpful guide on the NRS Healthcare website. or you can download it here – Start Gardening – A beginner’s guide

NRS Healthcare is encouraging people of all ages to start gardening no matter their age or ability after learning that only 62% of people aged over 65 are involved in gardening.

Encouraging people to garden has many health benefits. Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. Gardening with mobility issues can help build up strength and encourage better physical health. Gardening offers a routine, leading to a sense of achievement and therefore leading to better mental health and stability. It’s great for improving bone density in the elderly which helps to prevent  diseases like osteoporosis.

Guide Features

  • How to get started with gardening
  • Lots of easy fruits and vegetables to grow in a garden or on an allotment.
  • What you can grow in a greenhouse
  • Ideas on gardening equipment for the elderly or disabled.

Don’t let tools stop you either from gardening if you have a disability. There are lots of different tool aids and tools designed for adults with disabilities on the market. NRS Healthcare have a selection of gardening tools  on sale that are easy to hold, with longer handles and many other features.

Easy Gardening ideas

Here is an easy idea to get out and do some gardening if you don’t have a lot of space.

  • Why not use some of your patio area for growing vegetables?

These potato patio planters are simple to use. Plus you get delicious fresh potatoes from on your own doorstep.

potato patio planter
Image from Homebase
  • If you do have space in your garden why not have a raised vegetable bed. These are perfect for wheelchair users, and bad back sufferers or people with trouble bending.
  • Low maintenance plants – Cottage garden plants can be left to die back themselves before appearing again in the Spring.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how to make gardening easier. Do you know elderly people who love to potter about in the garden?

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4 thoughts on “Gardening With Mobility Issues

  1. Hello Rachel, I love gardening. I have a big yard in my home but my elder grandmother has a problem of mobility so she is not able to do planning more. So, now I am planning to help her in growing some vegetables and flowers. Thanks

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