Formula feeding in preparation for heading back to work.

To begin with I want to say I have nothing against people who bottle feed with formula. I want to set that straight. I’m not here to upset anyone, but I’m voicing my own opinions.

So a couple of weeks back I made the decision to try to start baby girl on some formula. For when I go back to work in under 2 months. She then can have milk during the day when I’m not there. I have never been able to pump any extra of my own milk off. I seem to produce just enough.

My plan is still to breastfeed her mornings and evenings. So she’s still getting all the goodness from my milk.

Formula Feeding -Heading back to work -Rachel Bustin

Anyway so I read up exactly how to make the milk from on the box. The powder doesn’t smell too bad. I have a habit of smelling food before I eat it. Although technically I’m not having the milk.

When the bottle is made up and cooled to the correct temperature I try to give it to baby girl. She has a few sucks. Mostly chews the teat. I’m sure she thinks it’s a game because when she’s finished playing around with the teat. Her little hands start grabbing at my vest top and trying to rip my bra open to get to her boobie milk.

She isn’t having any of the bottle milk. The next thing she throws the bottle out of my hand onto the floor.

I can’t help but smile. I think it belongs on the floor as well!

My mum has more luck feeding her the formula which I am pleased about as she is going to look after her when I return to work in October. She obviously smells my milk and knows it’s better.

At least she is finally taking the bottle in some kind of fashion, It’s only taken 6 months to get her to have it!

I have never been around formula milk before. So did not expect the smell from it when I poured the used bottle down the sink. I thought I was going to gag. It’s horrid.I don’t know how to describe the smell of it. Sickly sweet stinking. It’s gross. Yet I have to feed this to my baby.

I feel really bad that I have to give this to her. I wouldn’t drink it myself. That first time I tried her with it I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. I love breastfeeding it’s amazing. Words to describe it are hard to come by. There is that feeling of closeness, mother and baby bond. Comforting.

I’m hoping she won’t have to have too much of the formula while I’m at work. Hopefully by the time she is 8 months old when I go back. Maybe mornings, late afternoon and evening breast feeds would be sufficient.

She is growing up so fast and my time as a stay at home mum with her is getting short

But I have the dreadful stuff in the cupboard just in case.



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7 thoughts on “Formula feeding in preparation for heading back to work.

  1. Such an emotional time, really tough. My first had formula from 8 weeks – she’s ok I promise, no extra fingers or toes 😉 You get used to the smell. I think your mum will have more luck when you’re not there. My other two have been breastfed, well I’m still feeding my third. I know she goes longer without feeding when I’m not there! Good luck with everything!

  2. Sounds like you’ve got a plan but don’t worry if you need to tweak it for your baby. You can also try different teats and brands too as they are all a bit different and preferred by some not others. Good luck #anlogginggoodtime

  3. Oh Rachel bless you. Don’t feel guilty, it’s amazing that you are still breastfeeding and formula is fine! You may find that she’s cut down enough and uninterested in formula that she won’t have it anyway. Have you tried electric breast pumps? I basically didn’t get any milk with manual pumps but electric was much better – it still varies but I think it helps a lot when I relax. I can now get enough to leave him for a few hours without worrying which is lovely, but he seems to feed a lot less when I’m not there anyway. Good luck my dear, I’m sure it will work out! #ablogginggoodtime

  4. I’m just about to go back to work and my little one is 8 months old. She usually just has 3 milk feeds now so it may work out for you and she may only need one bottle. It was the thing I was thinking about the most and how to wean but just going to carry on for now. Hope it all works out for you ???? #ablogginggoodtime

  5. I don’t like the smell of formula either but to be fair, there are a lot of things the kids eat that I don’t like the smell of and they still enjoy them! Glad to hear that your baby girl is taking bottles after a fashion though and good luck with the transition back to work #triballove

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