Heavenly Organic Superfoods baby food review

We are weaning! So when the lovely people from Heavenly Organic Superfoods asked if I wanted to try out their range of baby foods, I said yes! It has come at just the right time. We have hit 6 MonthsThat magical age where babies want more than milk.

Baby girl has started off on purees. I’m sorry but baby-led weaning is not for us. I can’t think of anything worse than giving a 6 month old a stick of cooked carrot or a broccoli floret and say here you go. The fear of choking is too high for me.

Anyway heavenly organic have a great range of fruit pouches and wafer wisps on the market.

Heavenly organic superfoods are a range of guilt-free baby weaning meals and they have now moved into snacks as well. They were invented by Shauna Blair who was frustrated about the limited choice of baby food in Northern Ireland for children.

Heavenly Organic Superfood Range - Rachel Bustin

Heavenly Organic Wafer Wisps

Don’t you just love the name ‘wafer wisps’?

Baby girl loves these! She adores anything banana flavored at the moment so we tried the pumpkin and banana wafer wisps first. I love the subtle banana smell. They also taste really nice and not overly sweet. I love to have a quick taste of her food before she tries it!

Wafer Wisps - Pumpkin and banana flavoured - Rachel Bustin

Wafer wisps contain unique combinations of fruit and vegetables that are blended together with grains like buckwheat. As a parent I love the fact that they contain no hidden ingredients. Not even sugar or salt.

The spinach, apple and kale wafer wisps are really moreish. The apple gives them a little sweet taste but it’s not overly sweet. I enjoyed this flavor. Might even have a sneaky packet in my handbag!

The wafer wisps have been created with babies in mind to help encourage self feeding. They dissolve in the mouth and are practically mess-free.

Wafer Wisps - Spinach, apple and kale - Rachel Bustin

I love the coconut squishies range. They contain squished organic fruit, coconut milk, a splash of lemon and added calcium. Each pouch is 90g and provides the recommended ‘5 a day’.

The pouches come in two flavours –

  • Banana, apple and mango
  • Banana, apple and strawberry

They are suitable from 6 months old and are a great little healthy snack. Our favourite is the one with mango in. The taste is very tropical. This one is baby girl’s favourite. She is not overly keen on the strawberry pouch, but I’m sure with time she will learn to love it.

Don’t they say it takes ten times for a baby to know if they don’t like something. Or it’s try a new flavour ten times before you give up! Well I know it’s something like that!

Coconut Squishies - Mango, apple and banana - Rachel Bustin

The pouches are perfect for on the go snacks. I have been carrying a pouch around in my bag, just in case!

Coconut squishies - Banana, apple and strawberry -Rachel Bustin

The texture of the squishies is perfect for those first tastes. No lumps, just fruity puree goodness.

Just to go back to the wafer wisps – I love the little indent down the centre of them so you can snap them in half. I do this for baby girl to hold in her little hands. Which you can see in the photo at the bottom.

Individual packets of wafer wisps - Rachel Bustin

Baby girl enjoying her pumpkin and banana wafer wisp. I find they are great for her teething as well. Something to munch her little gums on!

Baby girl enjoying her pumpkin and banana wafer wisp - Rachel Bustin

You can follow Heavenly Organic Superfoods here on Twitter Facebook

The range is available at Ocado, and selected Waitrose, Morrisons and Tesco. Also on the online shop Heavenly Tasty

Have you tried any of the Heavenly Organic Superfoods range?


*I want to say a big thanks to Heavenly Organic Superfoods for letting us try out their range. All my thoughts and opinions on the products are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Heavenly Organic Superfoods baby food review

  1. Next time I’m in tesco’s I might have to pick up some of those wisps. I am making most of Piglets food but I do like having the odd sachet in the change bag ready for it we’re out later than expected. Perfect for ont he go! #kcacols

  2. These look great! I think my baby boy would totally love them. Now he’s 6months he’s literally trying anything and everything- i’ll keep an eye out for them 🙂 xx #KCACOLS

  3. These sound great – there’s no disputing the convenience of pouches when you’re out and about! We went down the puree route with my little boy, as at six months he just didn’t have the ability to hold things in his hands. I love the sound of the wafer bars that just melt in the mouth as well. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  4. These look good. I am aiming to make most food myself as I did first time round but that said pouches are so handy for out and about and as a cupboard backup and these look a nice healthy option! #kcacols

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