BABY born Bathtub Review – Bath Time Fun!

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L adores her BABY born Soft Touch dolls and accessories. She spends ages playing with them, dressing them, changing their nappies. When Little Dottie was small, and I changed her nappy, L would get her BABY born doll out and change her nappy also. Last year you may remember we reviewed the BABY born Toothcare Spa, and now we are back sharing our thoughts here in the BABY born Bathtub review. Which in my opinion is a fantastic complimentary toy for the Toothcare Spa.

BABY born Bathtub Review

About the BABY born Bathtub

It’s bath time for BABY born! Your little one will have loads of fun getting BABY born clean and ready for bed with our fun light-up bath! With an automatic shower function that works when you fill-up the bath, plus unique light and sound effects, watch as the base of the tub lights up in different colours whilst you bathe BABY born. It also includes a cute rubber duck accessory for BABY born to play with in the bath. Simply put BABY born in the bath and let the fun begin!

Getting BABY born in the Bathtub


  • An automatic shower function
  • The base of the tub lights up in a variety of colours.
  • Features sound effects as you bathe BABY born.
  • Includes BABY born’s favourite rubber duck.
  • To fit dolls up to 43cm.
Washing BABY born in the bathtub

What we thought

When we got it out of the box, I read the instructions which mentioned to replace the demonstration batteries before use. You need a tiny screwdriver to do this. If you don’t replace the batteries you won’t get the full effects to work properly. It takes 3 AA batteries.

The bathtub is very sturdy and has great detail down to the pink feet.

We tested out the BABY born bathtub in the bath, but you can use towels on the floor. I know what my 4 year old is like with splashes!

There is a minimum and maximum water line in the bathtub with is near the front. I did find it hard to see, to begin with. With it being very cold weather at the moment I didn’t want L plying with cold water for a length of time, so I used lukewarm water to fill the bathtub and then added some bubble bath.

Once our BABY born Soft Touch doll was placed in the bathtub, L was excited to press the button on the side of the bath to start it going.

We had blue lights from the bottom of the bath, with sounds. The BABY born theme song was one of them. The wow factor came from the water coming out of the showerhead.

I believe it works on a pump system, so the water is sucked up through the small hole in the bottom of the bath and up through the showerhead. We found the water was good pressure from the showerhead.

I would have preferred the pipe length of the showerhead to be longer to reach all over BABY born. It did seem quite short. However, we were thoroughly pleased with how the bathtub worked.

It’s provided much entertainment and fun for L and a fantastic addition to our BABY born collection. Try Reborn Doll Accessories if you are looking for more items for your doll.

BABY born Bathtub available from

Argos, Amazon and other good toy retailers. RRP £39.99

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3 thoughts on “BABY born Bathtub Review – Bath Time Fun!

  1. I wouldn’t recommend this bath. Really disappointed. What a load of rubbish. Changed batteries still no shower working. Daughter really upset was a birthday pressi no reciept. Total rubbish don’t buy

    1. I’m sorry Sheree you had this experience, but this isn’t the case with our bath. Ours worked fine and still is. Have you got in touch with BABY born direct?

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