Baby Born City RC Scooter and City Outfit Review

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We are huge fans of Baby Born in our house. L loves her doll and the Baby Born Tri Pushchair we recently reviewed. So getting the chance to review the Baby Born City RC Scooter was great fun. We also were kindly sent the City outfit for the Baby Born doll.

Baby Born City  Scooter and City Outfit Review

Product Description

Baby Born City Remote Controlled Scooter

Make way for baby born’s city RC scooter! Baby Born can travel in all directions with the multi-directional controller. Baby Born can sit comfortably on the scooter seat and has easy grip handlebars to hold on to. When Baby Born wants to turn, flashing indicator lights tell which way she is going. The city scooter also features a stabiliser to keep the scooter upright.

Baby Born City RC Scooter and City Outfit Review

Also includes two sticker sheets to decorate baby born’s scooter and really stand out from the crowd. Suitable for dolls up to 43cm

4 x AA and 2 x AAA batteries.

Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Baby Born Scooter and box

Baby Born City Outfit

Your little one will love being transported to the Glitz and glamour of Hollywood with baby born’s city outfit. Their soft fabric bodies are perfect for little hands – shake them and they rattle. They’re easy to attach to a cot, stroller or baby seat and are hand washable. City outfit contains feisty two-in-one trousers, frayed mock-denim shorts, and pink leggings. And that’s just the beginning, as baby born’s city outfit includes a shirt with a unique Print and transparent hem, spellbinding sparkling jacket and Berta the duck pendant. You rock Baby Born!

Baby Born City RC Scooter and City Outfit Review

What We Thought

Oh the Baby Born City RC Scooter is so much fun. We love that it’s remote controlled, it’s a bonus! We have the Baby Born Soft Touch and she fits perfectly on the pink city scooter.

The scooter has a stabiliser which is great for it to stand upright. With working indicator lights it really is just like the real thing.

The City Outfit is perfect for Baby Born Soft Touch. The shorts and leggings are attached to each other so easy to put on. There is a cute Berta the duck pendent attached to the jacket. Which is easy to zip up, my 3 year old is fine with that. She did have a little trouble getting the top on, but older children would be fine with it.

Baby Born City RC Scooter

Depending on what surface the scooter is on depends on the speed. It goes faster on my Kardeen kitchen floor than it does on the carpeted living room floor.

The handles are soft grip for Baby Born to hold onto. When Baby Born wants to turn, flashing indicator lights tell which way she is going. It’s really easy to drive her using the remote control.

The scooter comes as is in the box, the only bits you have to attach is the yellow windscreen visor and the bag carrier at the back of the scooter seat. Both parts are easy to clip on. They do come off easy if your child is anything like my 3 year old and will take bits off!

The added stickers are a great extra for personalising the scooter.

Baby Born Remote Controlled City Scooter with stickers

Overall we thought the scooter was great fun. It’s great for learning how to control it from the remote control. I do think it’s aimed for children older than 3 years, as my daughter found it hard to navigate through the control, but over time she will learn. The city outfit is great for learning dressing up with the doll and it does suit Baby Born on the scooter!

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  1. Looks great fun. Our children are so much “switched” on than we were. They are so lucky to have all these wonderful toys with the added technology and they learn it so fast.

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