Why I love being a Milton Ambassador 

I have been a Milton Ambassador for a few months now and I’m absolutely loving it!

Milton have been going for years and it’s my mums favourite brand.  Back in the day when my sisters, brother and I were small mum was a huge Milton fan. She used to use the liquid concentrated stuff in the blue bottles whereas now I use the tablets.

I have one of those huge 5 litre bucket sterilisers where you can just throw everything in. Plastic baby cutlery, bowls, bottles, teething rings and plastic toys as well. Furthermore it’s one of those pieces of equipment that you can’t live without once you have one!

Oh and not forgetting all those breastfeeding pump parts.

Milton Bucket Steriliser with spoons, bottles and bowls in.

How To Use the Milton Bucket Steriliser

It’s really easy to use. Just fill up the bucket to the 5 litre line add a whole tablet and add all the stuff to sterilise. Everything will be fully sterilised in 15 minutes. The bucket will be fine for 24 hours then you must change the water and add another tablet. During those 24 hours you can add bits back into the bucket to sterilise without replacing the water.

That’s what makes cold water sterilising great!

One of Miltons other products that I love to use is their antibacterial wipes.

These really are fantastic! I keep a pack in my changing bag for out and about wiping high chairs and wiping over that dropped Sophie  the giraffe for the millionth time!

The other pack I’ve got I keep in the house for wiping over baby girls toys that are not suitable for sterilising and are wipe clean only.

Here they are giving Lucy a clean!

Milton Antibacterial wipes cleaning Lucy the teething toy

How To Use the Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

While we way on holiday last week we used the Solo Travel steriliser. I have just started to wean baby girl so needed something to sterilise her spoons and bowls in while we were away.

Milton Travel Steriliser containing baby spoons
The Milton Solo travel steriliser is a 2 in 1 and suitable for microwave and cold water sterilising.

We used it for cold water sterilising. Fill the travel steriliser with 1.25 litres of water. It just takes a quarter of one of the large tablets for the bucket steriliser. Screw the lid on, press the safety vent down and gently shake the Solo. All your items are sterile in 15 minutes.

For microwave sterilising bottles make sure:

  • Wash all bottle parts in warm soapy water, then rinse in cold water
  • Pour 60ml of water into the steriliser
  • Place everything inside with the bottle opening facing downwards.
  • Screw the lid on, and then press the safety vent down
  • The Solo should be put upright in a microwave but can be placed on its side in compact models
    2 mins at 1100-1850W
    4 mins at 850-1000W
    6 mins at 500-800W

You can find other tips on using the Solo on the Milton Website including a video.

I am very proud to be a brand Ambassador for Milton and I love to share my honest opinions with you about their products. I hope you have found this post useful.



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  1. Oh this looks fab! I always wondered about Milton sterilisers as other mums I know rave about them. Such a handy thing for when you’re travelling…thanks for sharing and congrats on being an ambassador! #triballove

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