Present Pets Fancy Puppy: The Self Unboxing Interactive Plush Pet Toy – Review

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This weekend we were one of only a handful of people to get a hold of a *Present Pets self unboxing interactive pet before they are released tomorrow. I was just as excited as L to see what was inside!

Present Pets Fancy Puppy: The Self Unboxing Interactive Plush Pet Toy - Review

Present Pets are the only gifts that unbox themselves. You can get the Fancy Puppy box containing Kweenie or Princess, or the Glitter Box which contains Casey or Cocoa. I was a bit dubious of how this would work, to begin with. I mean how on earth is it going to unbox itself while we sit back and watch??

Present Pets Fancy Puppy unboxing

You are in for a surprise! It really does unbox it self.

All you have to do is to follow the instructions on the box. Remove the outside box and pull the gift tag at the top. Your Present Pets will then start to unbox themselves. It’s great to watch!

Unboxing Present pets

Your Present Pets will make noises, making the box shake as she tries to escape her box. The Fancy pups will paw their way out of their own gift box in style. With only 1 of 2 Present Pets Fancy Puppys in each box – Kweenie and Princess who will you get?

We got Kweenie!

To See The Present Pets Video Unboxing Head To YouTube

Present Pets Kweenie out of her box

Both Princess and Kweenie are playful pups, each has expressive eyes, floppy ears, soft fur, and rose gold details on their paws, ears, collar, and bow.

Present Pets Kweenie on her platform

She will be eager to get out the box and shower you with kisses when she’s cuddled. They both love to wag their tails and and shuffle paws when excited.

After the unboxing has finished, you will need a screwdriver to take the base off the Present Pets. This can be a pain if you don’t have a screwdriver handy and an excited child as we did! So my advice is to have your mini screwdriver at the ready!

Removing Present Pets from the base

Did you know that each Present Pets has over 100 sounds and actions? That’s fantastic for an interactive toy. It makes them much more real, especially as it will respond to your voice. They have many tricks up their sleeve. We haven’t discovered all 100 sounds and actions yet, but we have had Kweenie slurping and giggling, purring and snoring, imitating us as she responds back, wagging her tail and jumping. If you press the back button and pet their head at the same time she will do an instant trick! Tickle their tummy to get them excited to play with you. Their tail will wag faster, as they tap and shuffle their paws and let out an adorable giggle. Most of all they loved to be petted and cuddled.

L with her Kweenie

Included in the Present Pets box:

  • 1 Present Pet,
  • 1 Unboxing Guide,
  • 1 Instruction Sheet,
  • 6 AAA Duracell Batteries,


  • For ages 5 years and over.
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee.

Final Thoughts

It’s an unforgettable unboxing experience, and you are left with the most adorable soft cuddly pet who will enjoy being welcomed into your family. We had no trouble getting Kweenie to unbox herself, just pull gently on the gift-tag to start it off! Hours of love and play ahead! A perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas.

Present Pets available to buy From:


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13 thoughts on “Present Pets Fancy Puppy: The Self Unboxing Interactive Plush Pet Toy – Review

  1. They are as cute and fun as they look. My four yr old grandaughter saw one at the store and after seeing them advertised i had to get it for her. She absolutely loved the puppy shaking and making noises as it broke through the box. She got kweenie, she is so soft and beautiful. Be sure to have a mini screwdriver right handy as your child will be excited to hold their new friend but can’t until the base is unscrewed from the pet. We also noticed the more you play with your new friend the more the noises it makes and tricks it will do. Well made and super cute. Well worth the price, thinking about getting her another one for Christmas if we can still find one.

  2. I have seen these on spin masters LinkedIn page. They look amazing. These are going to be such a hit for Christmas 😁

    Great review and ace pictures. Your daughter looks very happy indeed with her pup 😁.

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