Top Tips to Ensure your Home is Safe for your Toddler

Making your home safe for your beloved little ones (something a genius parent aptly titled ‘toddlerproofing’) can sometimes seem like an endless task. Just when you’re sure that you have all grounds covered, something else ends up being a problem and you’re running to the first aid box for the third time in a week yet again.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, more than 3 million kids get hurt at home, the one place they are supposed to be safe from the world.

There are plenty of simple ways to ensure your children are safe from injury and it doesn’t have to be mission impossible when trying to create a healthy home environment.

Follow these fairly easy preventative steps and you’ll be well on your way to being parent of the year.

Get down to their level


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One way to check for danger is to do a sweep in each room of the house. Sit on the floor and scan the room for anything that could pose a risk. It’s also worth doing if you have friends visiting with younger children as they might be at that age where they feel the need to touch (and break) everything.

Put things away

Get into the habit of putting everything away after you’re done with it. Putting bleach out of reach of the kids isn’t exactly rocket science, but there is plenty more out there than can do just as much damage. Garden fertilisers and nail varnish can be just as dangerous.

Guard Against Scalding

We’re overwhelmed with information and tools on how to make sure our babies don’t drown in the tub, but we often forget that scalding is a serious danger too. Young children have delicate, sensitive skin that will easily burn when in contact with hot-water. Bath tap protectors are a great way to eradicate this risk.

Try reduce tumbles


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Our little angels aren’t always the most balanced of individuals and it’s no secret that they fall over numerous times a day, even once they’ve learnt to walk. When they are outside in the garden, one way to ensure they don’t fall over and hit their head on hard surfaces is to make sure the ground is smooth and sturdy. Paying a little extra to get a decent garden paving supplier is 100% worth it in the long run.

Be Window Safe

It might not even occur to you that there are numerous risks involved when it comes to windows. Thousands of children end up in hospital every year after falling out of them, so installing window guards or stops will help ease that worry.

Keep their sleeping area bare


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Whilst your instant reaction might be to surround your little cherub with all of his or her favourite soft toys and super comfy pillows, you should definitely think twice. Suffocation is a leading cause of unintentional injury related death and it’s things like stuffed animals, comforters and pillows that are sadly causing it to happen. Restrict the use of blankets when possible and consider buying sleep sacks instead.


What are your tips for keeping your toddler safe?

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