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Hello and welcome back to New Mum Stories. This week we have the lovely Jade from Everyday Young Mum. Jade shares with us her story on her son’s weight gain.

Over to you Jade……


Baby weight gain

At 5 weeks I was told that Cohen’s weight was progressing like they wanted it to. Instead of him following a centile line, he was slowly sloping down.

So they suggested that we increased his daily milk intake. So he went from 6oz to 7oz bottles 6 times a day. We were getting up every 3 and 1/2 hours during the night, we were exhausted!

Our health visitor came a following week to say that he had put on 6 oz during the week which was amazing but it still wasn’t brilliant so we continued for another week. The following week she came and weighed him and he had put 13oz on in a week!!

Hurray we had finally cracked it, and hopefully we had broken the cycle! We definitely have done as he now weighs 14lb and 12oz, and put on over 14oz in a week!

jade-everydayyoungmum - baby weight

I know what it is like to have someone tell you that your child isn’t hitting the milestones they should do especially when its your first and you don’t have any past experience.

Cohen had reflux which impacted his weight as he, was brining up 3oz of his 6 oz bottle. We got through it and although it kept me up at night with worry his is fine now and is hitting some of his mile stones before he should be.

If you child is having these issues then, stay strong and positive.



I am a 20-year-old first time mum from Portsmouth, Hampshire! I have a gorgeous little man Called Cohen who was born in July 2016.

I also live with my partner/ father of my child and our beagle Manus!

Thanks Jade for sharing your story with us.

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