How to Keep Your Energy Bills Low in Winter

Officially Winter only started a few days ago! The 21st December as stated by the Met Office if we went by the Astronomical season, and it ends on the 19th March 2017. So now is the time to think about how to keep your energy bills low in the Winter season.

I will share with you my tips on how we help to keep our bills lower and Premier Bathrooms also have their own tips and tricks on how to keep your energy bills lower. So hopefully you will be sorted and save money this Winter!

Tips to Keep Your Energy Bills Low in Winter

  • Take advantage of the heat from the sun. In south-facing windows open your curtains during the day to let the sun in to heat the room. Do remember to close them when the sun goes down to keep the cold out though. I love doing this as my living room windows face south.
  • When at home and awake set the thermostat as low as you can so it’s still comfortable. Why not put on an extra top, or those snuggly pj’s. Perfect excuse to wear those furry winter socks!

Dressing up warm to help costs of energy bills

  • Use those fantastic draft excluders you can get for placing at the base of your door. These help to keep the cold air out and the warm air from escaping. Also think about the draft coming in through your letterbox and even the keyholes. Brushes in the letterbox help stop it plus covers over the keyholes will keep that cold air out.
  • Keep the kitchen door open after cooking tea. The warm air from the kitchen will help to heat the rest of your home. In our case the kitchen warms the whole of the downstairs as our living room is on the second floor.
  • Close the vents in spare bedrooms. We have two spare rooms that we don’t use for much other than for storing junk! So we keep the vents and doors closed on those rooms.
  • Thick curtains. By having thick curtains in front of your windows help to keep the heat inside the room. We also have curtains behind our doors as well to achieve the same outcome.
  • Insulating your whole house. This may be expensive to begin with but over the years you will recoup that money back and save more off your energy bills.

Also, don’t forget to shop around and change energy suppliers. Click here to see who is the best energy company this year. By changing you are almost certain to find a cheaper tariff elsewhere to save you money.

What are your tips for keeping your energy bills low in Winter?

As always I love to hear your thoughts.

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