Leave The Washing Where It Is And Do Something For You!

Sometimes it can feel like being a parent leaves you little time for anything else! And when you have a spare five minutes you just want to relax in the bath a nice cup of tea, but there are some people who feel the urge to do something creative! Now, for many, they just don’t feel that urge to do anything creative, but then there are some who want to do something as an outlet but don’t really know what!

Leave The Washing Where It Is And Do Something For You! Find something to do in your spare time

So, here’s a few ideas for the mums who are looking for a new challenge to their spare time!

Learning An Instrument

Did you really want to learn the piano when you were younger? Maybe you didn’t, but if you want to learn it now, it’s a great way to do something your children might view as cool, especially if you learn something like the drums! Learning an instrument isn’t just a good hobby, it’s apparently very good for our brains, and it can help to prevent brain decline in our older age. Or even if you just want to play along to some old Beatles songs, it’s a great thing to do at parties!

Writing A Blog

Speaking from experience, it’s not just a wonderful way to connect with people from all over the world, but it gets you really thinking about what you want to talk about. A lot of people blog to talk about things that are close to them, or to speak about personal experiences and to help others through the same problems. There are many reasons to do a blog, and if you have no idea where to begin, you can look at Blogging.com for some ideas. They say that we all have a book in us, more like a blog now! And the great thing about a blog is that it could be about absolutely anything! If you have a passion for films, you can write about them.

Taking Up Sewing Or Knitting

Now, there are so many people that know how to sew or knit, and if that’s you, then why don’t you do it more often? The great thing about sewing is that it is a hobby with an end product. You could make a scarf, or a dress, anything. And if you can’t find anything in the shops that suits your style, then you can make it. It is a skill that is definitely worth having, even sewing comes in handy when your child has ripped their jeans and that pair needs to last another couple of months.


The dreaded E-word! Exercising isn’t just good for the belly, but it’s good for the brain too. Not only that, but it’s a great way to make friends. You don’t have to take up running! You could join a yoga class or something a bit more you. Exercise is great for making you feel good because of the endorphins it releases, and if it gets you out of the house a bit more, then that’s always a good thing!

What sort of things do you get up to in your spare time?

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