How To Stay Safe as a Woman Living Alone

As you know I lost my dad last year. It’s been a tough time for my mum getting used to being a woman living alone. They were together for over 40 years. I honestly can’t imagine losing someone you’ve lived with every day for 40 years. I must be lonely. I’ve been having chats with mum about how she’s been coping living alone. She finds the evenings the worse. So as you know I’m all about sharing my tips about many things, I’ve decided to share a few pointers about staying safe as a woman living alone.

How To Stay Safe as a Woman Living Alone

Mum is an extremely kind person. The reason I’m saying this is because she is the type of person to intervene if someone was getting attacked in the street. She wouldn’t worry about her own personal safety at the time, and this is why I do worry about her as an older woman in her 60’s.

Answering the door

She will answer the door to anyone that knocks and this worries me greatly. A few weeks back she was telling me about answering the door to an unsavoury character, (I have no other way to describe him) who wanted to cut the trees down on her hedge around the garden. He wanted £800 for this and was very pushy towards her trying to get her to agree. Mum said she had trouble getting him to leave. This scared me when she told me and I keep reminding her to never open the door to people you don’t know, and please check through the window first to see who is there. I try my hardest to advise mum to keep safe at home and these are the sorts of things that I’ve been sharing with her.

Ways to Stay Safe When You Live Alone

Staying safe at home

  • Don’t answer the door to anyone you don’t know – This is the biggest one for mum. She won’t answer the door to anyone after dark, but I’m trying to advise her to also do this during the daytime. You read about a lot of burglaries happen in the daylight as well. It was only in the local newspaper the other week, that in a village a couple over from us, a couple of conmen were ringing peoples doorbells and getting them to answer the door. While one was chatting on the doorstep, the other was over the back fence and getting inside through the backdoor, stealing money, anything they found. Which leads onto another tip.
  • Keep your back door locked – It’s a security risk to leave your backdoor unlocked. We’ve all done it. I always forget to lock it when I go upstairs. But after reading these security tips, I will put more of an effort into remembering.
  • Keep the windows locked – It’s not only doors you have to worry about but the windows as well. I was in the kitchen the other day when my daughter shouted to me that there was a parcel on the floor. The delivery driver had only popped the parcel through the open living room window onto the floor.
  • Change up your habits – Try to mix up your habits. For example, don’t always go to the shops on the same day each week. Or meet that friend for coffee. Mix up your comings and goings so that if anyone is staking out your property, they won’t know where you are.
  • Get a security system fitted – This is a great option. There are many different security options to look at including cameras, smart locks, and motion sensor outdoor lights that may be suitable for you, and it will, of course, give you peace of mind.
  • Consider carrying a personal alarm – You can get discreet alarms that fit inside your clothing that will alert an emergency contact if needed.
  • Getting to know your neighbours – Neighbours are naturally nosy. They will notice straight away if there is a stranger or a suspicious car hanging around. So make the effort to say hello next time you see your neighbour. I’m lucky that mum has a wonderful neighbour that helps her out with anything she needs.
  • Be wary of what you disclose on social media – We are all on social media nowadays and it’s really easy to slip up and put a status about where we are on holiday. Please be mindful of this as it gives the potential thief the whereabouts of your location and they will know you are not at home.
  • Garden – Now this is a little bit out of the box idea, but it’s an important one to mention. Keeping your trees and shrubs cut back and tidy will deter potential burglars from hiding in them. Also, have you thought about planting spiky bushes and shrubs such as roses on your property border? No one will want to climb over a fence with roses below.
Keeping your trees and shrubs cut back and tidy will deter potential burglars from hiding in them.

It’s important to look after your personal safety and property when you are a woman living alone. Please don’t take chances. There are different resources and help you can get to help your living alone situation.

Thanks for stopping by today, I really hope you find this post useful in some way.

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  1. The same thing happened to my nana! A stranger came to her house and wanted to cut her hedges for a ridiculous amount of money! Great tips.

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