Getting Your House Ready for a New Dog

The day you bring a new dog home is one of the most exciting for you, and for your whole family (and friends!). A dog is a whole new member of the family to love, care for and play with. A playmate for the young, a companion for the old, and a new motivation to exercise for the active! When you’re bringing your new pet home, you need to make sure that home is ready! Getting your house ready for a new dog is a big thing! If you’ve not made it safe and secure for a curious puppy then you might find yourself wondering ‘why does my dog have diarrhea?’ once too often!

Getting Your House Ready for a New Dog


One of the most important things you can do getting ready for a new dog is to make your kitchen safe for your dog. Plenty of food that’s delicious to humans can upset a dog’s stomach, or prove outright poisonous!

Chocolate is the one most people are aware of – this is because it contains a toxin called Theobromine. Humans can process this chemical relatively quickly, but dogs’ bodies deal with it much more slowly, allowing dangerous levels to build up. That’s not the only one though: the list of foods that can be harmful to dogs can seem endless: apples (or specifically apple seeds), coffee, grapes, garlic and onions among many other things.

The simplest solution is to install latches on your cupboards to make sure your dog can’t find its way into your food stores. Don’t keep food out on kitchen surfaces or tables, or if you have to, keep it in tightly sealed boxes.

Living Areas

One of the biggest problems your dog can cause for your home – and your home can cause for your dog is when it chews through wires in living areas. It’s important to come up with a solution – or multiple solutions – before you bring home your first puppy.

For smaller devices, it’s easy to simply tidy your cables away after you’ve finished charging your phone or using your games console. For larger items that you need to use all the time like standard lamps and television sets, you need a solution that keeps the cables in place and safe from canine jaws.

There are several ways you can keep your dog safe from the electric current running through your power cables: keep the cables away from the dog, keep the dog away from the cables, or make the cables unappealing. Use cable ties to bundle them together and conceal along walls and inside furniture like TV stands – preventing exposure prevents chewing! You could also erect barriers like baby gates to keep them away from major junctions and plug sockets.

You can also coat wires with products that make them taste and smell unappealing to dogs – this makes it far less likely they’ll go back for a second taste, and protect them from the consequences of an exploratory chew!

Putting this thought in ahead of time will help you relax and enjoy your new pet, rather than worrying about the many potential hazards for them around your home.

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