Get Productive With These Post-Lockdown Challenges

While lockdown appears to be easing, many of us are still wondering when we can go back to work full time and when things will go back to normal. So, if you’re still sitting around and bingeing the latest shows on Netflix for the tenth time, it might be time to start challenging yourself instead. Rather than letting your body and mind go stagnant and unchallenged for the next few weeks, why not push yourself to achieve something instead?

Maybe you could get your creative juices flowing, or you could do something amazing for your health if you’re struggling for ideas to challenge yourself with, read on for a few simple ideas!

Get Productive With These Post-Lockdown Challenges - learn how to sew

Quit smoking – for good

The ultimate challenge. Quitting smoking is incredibly difficult but it’s also worth it. By quitting you’re not only increasing your life expectancy, but you’re giving your day to day health a boost too. Your hair, skin, and teeth will benefit, and you’ll also eliminate that smell of smoke from your home. Consider switching to vaping – check out for the latest vaping products – and speak with your GP about other help and guidance you might need. 

Learn a language

It might be a while before we can enjoy a cocktail on a hot, sandy beach but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to order that cocktail in the local language for the next time your visit. We all know that learning a language takes time, and now you’ve got plenty of it, what’s stopping you? From online guides to language apps, online courses you can enrol on within seconds and even watching foreign TV shows – there are plenty of ways to learn!

(Finally) Learn how to cook

It’s great having your dinner brought to you via your favourite local takeaway, or pressing start on the microwave and hoping your meal is cooked all the way through this time, but nothing beats making your own meal from scratch. Use this time to build on your cooking knowledge and skills, try baking a cake, learning how to chop, dice and slice properly or just learn how to boil an egg. 

Bake a cake  - Get Productive With These Post-Lockdown Challenges

Organise your photos

If you have all your photos trapped online or in your device, why not set them free and put them on display or in albums? You’ll find plenty of ways to print your photos online, you can then spend time organising them and reliving all those wonderful pre-lockdown memories. 

Learn sign language 

Learning sign language means you can connect effectively with those who use BSL to communicate. It’s an amazing skill to learn which will also look great on any CV. You’ll find plenty of online guides to help get you started and online courses you can take straight away.

Learn how to sew

Sewing, stitching, replacing a zip or a button, even sewing on those achievement badges onto your daughter’s sash. Learning how to use a needle and thread or even a sewing machine is a great life skill everyone should have. You’ll be making your own clothes and blankets in no time!

Have you tried anything new since lockdown began? 

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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