Five Irresistible Flourless Italian Desserts

Since the panic buying back in March, self-raising flour has become highly sought after, it became a bargaining commodity in our village, with the locals. In fact, it’s still sold out in some places. Lockdown has become a time for us to learn new things at home, reassess our lives and grow into our newer roles, homeschooling and working from home. I have to say I’ve loved having the chance to do more baking. If you don’t have flour. Don’t worry! You can still make these easy irresistible flourless Italian desserts from Gino D’acampo.

Five Irresistible Flourless Italian Desserts

1) Torta Di Polenta Con Arance E Cointreau: Polenta Cake with Oranges & Cointreau

I love a good gluten-free polenta cake, and this one from Gino D’acampo sounds amazing! There are 5 steps in the Polenta Cake with Oranges & Cointreau recipe which are pretty straight forward. This cake is ideal for afternoon tea with a spoonful of mascarpone. See you can still have cake even if you don’t have any flour!

Torta Di Polenta Con Arance E Cointreau: Polenta Cake with Oranges & Cointreau

2) Pastiera: Baked Raspberry & Orange Cheesecake

Oh wow! This Baked Raspberry & Orange Cheesecake sounds amazing. It’s not your traditional cheesecake with a biscuit base, but the recipe can be adapted to substitute the raspberries for chocolate chips, or whatever fruit you wish! Gino’s grandfather, Giovanni, used to make it at Easter and now he carries on the tradition. I think it looks fun to make with the kids! Over on Youtube, you can see Philip and Holly make it with Gino over on This Morning a few years back.

Pastiera: Baked Raspberry & Orange Cheesecake

3) Soufflé Di Banane E Cioccolato: Banana & Chocolate Souffle

Any dessert with chocolate in for me is a winner. Gorgeous flourless Italian desserts like a Banana & Chocolate Souffle is one of them. Of course if bananas are not your thing, this also works well with raspberries. Souffles can be tricky to get right, without them sinking. I’m sure we’ve all seen sinking souffles on Masterchef! But if you follow Gino’s recipe. I’m sure you will get it right. Serve immediately.

Banana & Chocolate Souffle

4) Torta Caprese: Italian Pistachio & Chocolate Cake

This Italian Pistachio & Chocolate Cake is a favourite from Gino’s Auntie Rita. It serves 8 and only uses 6 ingredients. It is perfect for people on a gluten-free diet and really looks like a delicious chocolate cake recipe with a difference!

Torta Caprese: Italian Pistachio & Chocolate Cake

5) Aperol & Blood Orange Sorbet

Perfect for a hot Summer’s day, this Aperol & Blood Orange Sorbet will leave you feeling refreshed. It’s simple to make with just 3 ingredients. For a great little cocktail, place a scoop of sorbet into a flute glass and top with chilled prosecco.

Blood Orange Sorbet

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