3 Tips to Make Your Flat Feel More Homely

When you’ve moved into a new home, it’s often the case that you want to make your flat feel more homely. We all know a proper homely flat when we see one. You just feel like you want to melt away into the sofa, or curl up with a good book in a cozy corner. 

3 Tips to Make Your Flat Feel More Homely

However, knowing exactly what it takes to make your flat homely can be challenging. Especially for those without a natural eye for design (which, let’s be honest, is most of us), getting all the right decorations and furniture can feel overwhelming. Today, we’ll make it much easier to understand. Read on to find out three simple tips that you can use for a lovely, homely flat.

Picking out comfy furniture

Furniture is one of the most important features of any comfy flat. You want a sofa you can fall into at the end of the day and feel supported. You want armchairs that welcome visitors with their plush cushioning. You want a table and chairs that make every meal a delight to sit through. Picking out the right furniture isn’t always easy, but choosing a design motif can make it simpler. Consider these when decorating your flat:

  • Modern Scandinavian living: This trendy type of design originated in the Nordic countries, but has quickly become a global sensation. Designers everywhere love the clean lines, quiet comfort, and elegance of minimalist motifs. Luckily, you can get furniture of this style from many stores, and these pieces can be easily paired, mixed, and matched for a sleek and eclectic look you’ll feel right at home in. 
  • Traditional styles: You can’t go wrong with the classics, and traditional furniture motifs are an easy way to feel at home in your flat without having to choose an entirely new design motif for your home. Classic staples like Lexington furniture pieces, reclining armchairs, and thick rugs all contribute to an overall sense of hominess. It’s like being at your Gran’s house, only with more modern stylings.
  • Farmhouse chic: This American style is also becoming a global sensation. Farmhouse furniture looks rustic, often incorporating raw materials like bronze, exposed wood, and brick. This style is ideal for families, as many of the materials can be easily cleaned, and are durable – so no matter what the little ones throw about you can feel assured your furniture won’t be ruined. 

Having the right furniture can certainly help your flat feel homier and more comfortable. However, if you want to do a thorough job, you’ll have to consider décor. 

Reading in a comfy space

Making a cozy mood

Setting the mood in your flat makes all the difference. Your furniture choices may help set the mood for a comfy space, but without details and décor, the rooms may look a bit barren. Mood-setting décor pieces come in all sorts, but the right ones will depend on your overall design motif (like those mentioned above). Still, there are some general rules one would be wise to follow.

Overhead lamps, for instance, can be harsh and clinical. Instead, have a few floor lamps, or a lamp for end tables alongside the sofas, and even candles for when you want to set the mood for a romantic night in. Include area rugs for a splash of color, and interesting trinkets – perhaps souvenirs from your travels – for a homely feel that’s warm, inviting, and sets the mood for comfort. 

Making it all your own

Lastly, you don’t want your flat to look like an image from a catalogue. Add in personal details for a comfier feel that is all your own. If you’re not sure how to add that personal touch without sacrificing your lovely décor, consider these examples:

  • Family photos will never ruin the mood and will always add a personal flair that everyone will love. 
  • Custom paintings done by artist friends, if you have any, can add a unique and storied decorative element to any space. 
  • Custom pillows, wall hangings, and other décor with phrases that declare your values are also a fun and conversation-starting way to make a homey space truly your own. 

Making your flat feel more homely is one of the most fun parts of renting or owning your own place. Remember to make it exciting and enjoyable!

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  1. Thanks for another great post, Rachel. Last year, I designed a couple of typographic posters featuring my favourite book quotes, got them printed and framed. They help my living room look more colourful.

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