Interior Trends for 2020

Each and every year comes with new interior design trends! From old décor styles coming back into fashion to completely new designs we’ve not seen before. If you’re planning on renovating or redecorating this year, consider these top interior trends we’ll see in 2020. 

Earthy Tones

Adding warmth and a welcoming feel, this year we’ll see more of an emphasis on using earthy hues in the home. Over the last few years we’ve seen a rise in bringing nature into the home and using raw materials as it’s a way to create harmony, especially when lives can get incredibly hectic. 

Having a place to retreat to, which brings us back to nature is the ideal way to create a relaxed feel. Using taupe, olive and chestnut hues allows us to warm up the home, and we’ll see warmer colours being used in interiors this year, instead of cooler tones, such as greys and blues. 

Incorporate earthy tones into your home décor by either painting your walls with a fresh colour or by introducing the colours through furnishings. On that end, coastal furniture that gives a touch of being by the ocean or sea is always a welcome functional decor to rooms with natural tones. You can even add nautical accents like pillows, lighting, rugs, and other beach-related accessories to spruce up the room.

Living room interior with brown corner sofa


In simple terms, grandmillennial is granny chic! Think floral wallpaper, ruffled furnishings and embroidered linen. This year we’ll see the classic patterns creeping back into our homes, adding depth and character to any space. 

The trend evolved from the cosiness associated with visiting our grandparents’ homes; combining English countryside with maximalist styles to craft what is being named grandmillennial. 

There are many ways you can bring this trend to your home. In the bedroom, you could introduce floral bedding, and in the living room, incorporate accessories such as ginger jars and embroidered cushions. 

Dark Monochromatic

Are you looking to make a bold and daring statement in your interior? Dark monochromatic is the perfect trend for you this year! The style is all about using one main colour as the base for your interior but adding depth through different shades and tones of the same colour. 

Colours such as blues and reds work incredibly well with this trend, as the colours are vibrant and allow you to make a stunning statement. This trend works really well in smaller rooms as it helps to make the room appear bigger. You could paint your bedroom walls navy, pair with cobalt cushions and ice blue linen to fully encompass this trend! 

Structured Simplicity

Less is more when it comes to structured simplicity; the interior trend is all about everything having its place and a reason for it being there. With a nod to minimalism, the style is beautiful to the eye.

With the design being cleaner, it makes the space more inviting and helps us to feel rested and recuperated when spending time there. The style works really well in the kitchen, utilise hidden storage and clear away that clutter. Use neutral colours in your home, paired with clean lines, such as clever storage and strategically placed accessories for a comforting look! 

Living room interior with clever shelving

Back To ‘70s Boho

This year we’ll see the retro vibe of the ‘70s coming back in style! The ‘70s saw two main trends; disco glam and bohemian chic. In 2020, boho is back, and we’ll see the 50-year-old trend gracing our homes once again. 

To pay homage to this trend, introduce colours, textures and shapes that were used back in the era. Geometric designs are the perfect way to encompass this trend, whether you plaster your walls in geometric wallpaper, or add subtle hints through furnishings. 

Oranges, reds and yellows were a popular colour choice back in the ‘70s, and these hues are a seamless way to brighten up your interior and transport yourself back in time!


As mentioned previously, we’re looking at ways to bring nature into our homes more nowadays, and that is where the biophilic design comes into play. Biophilia means the love of nature, and it is set to be brought into many of our interiors throughout 2020.

Our lives can get busy, and we’re prone to stress, biophilic design helps to restore and bring a calming feel to the interior. To introduce the style into your home, opt for natural materials; industrial wall lights, wooden furniture and greenery all pair perfectly with this trend. 

Living room interior with leaf print wallpaper

From earthy tones to boho chic, this year’s interior design trends are shaping up to be some of the best ones yet. When it comes to decorating your home, ensure to find a trend that reflects your personality and invest in accessories that will last for years to come! 

Which trend are you most excited about this year? I’d love to know! 

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