High-Tech Gardening Ideas For Science Lovers

If you go on most gardening blogs, and you’ll come away with the impression that pruning your hedges and planting your beds is a distinctly low-tech activity. But, of course, it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to technology, you can upgrade and automate all sorts of elements of your garden, bringing them into line with the 21st century. What’s more, many of these innovations massively increase the convenience and output of your garden, making it look better for less effort. So what high-tech gardening ideas and tools are out there that you should use?

High-Tech Gardening Ideas For Science Lovers

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Gardening Apps

Software and smartphones are combining to give gardeners a kind of tricorder they can use to diagnose and deal with gardening issues. You just point your device at a patch of grass or cabbages, and the software will tell you whether the plant is developing as it should. If it isn’t, you’ll get helpful information for what to do to bring it to optimal health. 

Apps also contain other helpful elements, such as instructions on landscaping ideas, how to prune your beds, and how to create the gardens of your dreams. 

Indoor Veg Patch

Don’t have space to create an outdoor veg patch? Not to worry: technology is now so advanced, you can do it indoors too. 

First, you’ll need hydroponics supplies – things like water baths, LED lights and seedlings. Next, you’ll need some sort of container for them and space in your property. 

You could hide your plants away if you wanted. But a lot of homeowners like to make their hydroponics systems a feature of their homes. For instance, home kits can look great when placed as focal points on top of tables or mantelpieces. 

Garden Cams

Sometimes you discover a problem with a particular bed in your garden, but you don’t know the cause. It could be trampling by animals, insect invasion or something else. 

Garden cams are camouflaged cameras you place strategically around your garden to spy on the critters using them. You can see snails and slugs going about their business, badgers digging holes and simply the time-lapsed effects of drought or bright sunshine. 

The great thing about this tool is that you can use connected software to diagnose and solve practically any problem. For instance, you can set the camera to leap into action the moment that it detects movement. 

Pole Saws

Cordless vacuums exist – and now, so do cordless pole saws. 

These devices provide a couple of benefits. First, they make pruning a lot easier. And second, they negate the need to climb a ladder. In other words, they both make your gardening easier and safer. 

Decoy Owl

Most creatures are naturally terrified of owls – one of the largest predatory species in the country. For that reason, they can make great decoys. 

Some manufacturers have taken the concept to the next level, providing a life-like owl that makes noises and has sensors that allow it to detect the presence of nearby garden pests. These deterrents are relatively cheap too, swivelling their heads and hooting in the direction of intruders.

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  1. I would love a garden cam so I could find out which wildlife is responsible for digging holes in the lawn and nibbling the vegetables!

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