Family Diary – End of September 2020 Roundup

September 2020 has flown by. It’s been a busy month and one where I’ve started to get back a couple of mornings a week to myself. If you caught up with August’s family diary you would have seen that L graduated from preschool and we got our lovely chickens Betty, Happy and Norrie.

The biggest change for September was L starting school. I became a school run mum! Also settling Little Dottie into nursery hasn’t been easy. L has been going to school for nearly 4 weeks now and absolutely loves it. She was sad to leave her preschool friends, but has been happy making new friends.

L's First Day of School September 2020

Little Dottie is getting there with settling in at nursery, although she still refuses to eat while she is there. She has found it hard. I’m sure a lot of this is due to lockdown where she hasn’t mixed with others and I’ve been home with her all the time. She used to be OK when I went out to work before March.

Little Dottie with the chickens - September 2020

Apart from going tho the parks around us and the woods, we haven’t been anywhere else apart from Heligan Gardens. We have locals passes and I had a look online to see what their protocol was for visiting. You have to book your 10 minute slot and arrive within that time. We went on a Saturday when it’s normally crazily busy, but this visit was relaxed, plenty of hand sanitising stations as you enter and all around. A one-way system around the gardens. I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, with it being quiet we thoroughly enjoyed it and have since booked our slots to go back during half term.

A morning out at Heligan gardens September 2020

We have also added to our family by getting tropical fish. This was a collaboration I’ve been working on with API Fishcare. It’s actually one of my favorite blog collaborations I’ve worked on. Learning how to set up and care for your tropical fish tank has been amazing. We have all enjoyed popping to our local fish shop choosing the fish for our aquarium. We decided on setting up a community fish tank and have 6 Neon Tetras, 4 Black Neon Tetras and 3 Amano shrimp.

tropical community fish tank

Things we’ve tried

L loves her crafting and paper cutting activities. We were sent a Makerzine from Planetari. It’s full of world-changing learning adventures, which takes children and families on intrepid expeditions to discover how our planet works and how they can be part of creating a brilliant future.

Makerzine from Planetari

It’s full of magical illustrations and captivating paper engineering, the Makerzine is brimming with wonder, humour, and pop-up surprises. It’s jammed packed with things to do. We are thoroughly enjoying it. You can find out more information here.

Mr B is very much into his protein bars at the moment. He is eating healthily and losing weight steadily. Me on the other hand is trying. You may have seen from my Instagram stories I’m slowly losing a few pounds and lost 10 lbs so far.

We were sent the ProYouth Nutrition Protein Energy Bars to try. Mr B has been having them for his mid-morning snack. They are yummy! Available in three delicious flavours Choc Brownie, Vanilla Delight and Banana Split, these natural protein bars have been developed with the help of sports science and nutrition experts.

ProYouth Nutrition Protein Energy Bars

The bars contain carefully selected macro and micronutrients to support performance, recovery, iron transports, minimise fatigue, muscle-brain functions and even mental wellbeing. Naturally sweet dates with low GI even provide slow-release energy for athletes. This super power-snack is a source of protein, magnesium, manganese, copper, B12, potassium and phosphorus makes a great sidekick to anyone’s workout, breakfast or just a mid-morning snack.

Available from

So that’s another month over for 2020. September 2020 wash the start of our school journey. Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this post.

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