Geomag Magicube Maths Building Set Review

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In about 2 months time L will be heading off to school. Currently she is back at preschool for a couple of months, to get her used to the class setting and mix with other children. Before going into reception in September. The last few months we’ve been doing some homeschooling during lockdown, mainly letters, learning to write her name and learning to read. We haven’t touched on a huge amount of maths. But this is where the Magicube Maths Building Set has come in real handy.

Geomag Magicube Maths Building Set Review

The maths building set from Geomag contains 16 coloured cubes and 45 clips. Like other Magicube sets it’s based on a magnetic design. The cubes stick to each other from any side, and they help to improve motor skills and creativity. The great thing about Magicube is that all the sets are interchangeable with each other.

Geomag Magicube blocks and number clips
Number steps with the magicube blocks

Included in the set is a booklet to help you make the most out of the Magicube Maths Building Set. We loved trying out the windmill! Starting off at a recommended age of 3 years, you can use the set to understand numbers and colours.

Building a windmill with the magicube blocks

It’s such a simple magnetic concept, it’s what makes Magicube an innovative product. You can use the cubes to make any shape or buildings, you can even suspend them! The beauty of magnetism! There are many types of Magicube to help kids with their learning. But this Maths Building Set helps with:

  • Understanding Numbers
  • Understanding Symbols
  • Building Frames
  • Building Sequences
  • Solution Building
  • Building Backwards
  • 2D and 3D Building
Playing with the maths building block set - magicube

This is all as well as using the number and mathematical symbol clips for recognition. It’s perfect for visual and hands-on learning and promotes STEM learning to even the youngest child. The magnets are safely hidden inside the cubes with no way out.

The Maths Building Set is suitable for ages 3 plus due to the smaller number clips. But you can buy other Magicube sets from ages 1 1/2+ and they are all interchangeable. We previously reviewed the Polar Animals and Safari set when L was younger.

Geomag are currently updating the Magicube products to go more “greener” as part of their green strategy. Popular existing lines such as the Magicube Collection, will be made with 100% recycled materials.

The Geomag Magicube Sets Available To Buy

There are various Geomag Magicube sets to buy on Amazon. These include the ones below:

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  1. These are brilliant for home learning, hopefully we never have to home school again haha but for extra learning they are brilliant.

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