Basic Car Maintenance Tips You should know

Growing up I was always a bit of a tomboy. If you ask my dad, I used to know every car make on the road when I was about 5. I used to love shouting them as we were driving along. Of course back then there were not as many as there are today.

I was obsessed with cars! As I got older I kind of lost interest, until I was old enough to drive. Then of course you needed to know where bits and bobs are under the bonnet to pass your test. So my love for cars found its way back.

Now I love to pop under the bonnet of my car and check the levels are correct. I check my tyres often for wear and tare, and also my husband’s s well!

It’s very useful to know some basic car maintenance, so I’m going to share with you some tips I have picked up over the years to help you keep safer on the roads and to try and prevent a breakdown.

Basic car maintenance tips

  • Servicing – Keep and eye on your handbook and make a note on your calendar when your next service is due. I forgot all about it on my first car and ended up with my cambelt going on my Fiesta. This was a very costly mistake and I ended up having to buy a new car because cambelts breaking ruin the engine and it wasn’t worth rebuilding.
  • Tyres – Every week check the condition of your tyres and every couple of weeks the air pressures. Look out for cuts or ware. Uneven tyre wear can mean your tracking is out. Make sure the tyre tread depth is within the legal limits. If you are in need of new tyres you can buy tyres online at Ossett Tyre House.
  • Toolkit – If your car has a spare tyre (I still find it strange that many new cars don’t have a spare tyre!) then make sure you have a jack and the tools to remove your wheel and of course the wheel locking nut.
  • Fluid Levels –  Check your fluid levels regularly to make sure they are between the MIN and MAX level markers. These include engine oil, coolant and screenwash.
  • Lights – Check all your lights once a week. There are too many cars on the road with only one headlight working or just the one brakelight.
  • Windscreen Wipers – Keep an eye on your wipers for smearing across the windscreen, in this case they may need replacing.

Do you keep up with your basic car maintenance regularly?

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