The Best Birthday Flowers To give as a Treat to an Allergy Sufferer

There is evidence that the giving of flowers for birthdays, reaches as far back as the middle ages. Isn’t that crazy? The French and English got the idea of assigning a meaning to each flower from Turkey as well. I love that each flower has its own true meaning, it’s like a secret language!

They say that gifting flowers reached a high during the Victorian times, as back then it was considered bad manners to say your feelings with words. It is kind of romantic isn’t it?

Did you know that lilies represent purity? Or that a single marigold is an expression of sorrow? Of course we all know that red roses symbolizes love. Click here to see more.

All flowers are beautiful don’t you think?, but what Birthday flowers should you give an allergy sufferer as a birthday treat?

Birthday flowers for allergy sufferers

There are a list of flowers that are the best for allergy sufferers and include:

  • Azalea – bloom in Spring typically so ideal for this time of year.
  • Begonia – popular house plants grown for their attractive flowers and leaves.
  • Camellia  – beautiful Winter to Spring flowers
  • Clematis – very versatile and popular climbing plants, come in many different flower shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Geranium – they come in a stunning array of colours.
  • Orchid – one of my favourite flowers. You can buy them in many different colours nowadays from bright blues, to yellows and pinks.
  • Hydrangea – come in a variety of colours, my dad had a pink one and a blue when in the back garden when I was growing up.
  • Hosta – the majority of plants are unscented.
  • Lilies – their stunning blooms are pollen-free if you carefully remove the stamen before you give them to an allergy sufferer, so an ideal birthday flower, but some oriental lilies are very fragrant and may cause headaches.
  • Cactus – why not give a cactus as a birthday gift? Low in pollen, they don’t need hardly any looking after and they also come in various types.

It is mainly the pollen that causes the allergic reaction of runny noses, itchy skin, sore throat and red eyes. So the less pollen a flower has the less likely it will cause an allergic reaction. The worst flowers for sufferers are the ones from the daisy family that include Gerber, Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums, that have the highest pollen production.

Of course nowadays, birthday flowers can be posted to anyone anywhere in the world, they can arrive in letterbox friendly boxes, which are ideal if you are out. I actually had some arrive like this for my wedding anniversary a few years back! Or you can have them specially delivered in wonderful boxes and hand tied in vases, with a few extra treats!

There are just so many options available nowadays to send the fabulous gift of birthday flowers to that special someone so why not treat your mum, friend, special loved one today.

I plan to have birthday flowers sent to my older sister who lives Canada in July for her 40th – I hope she doesn’t read this!

Do you send birthday flowers to your loved ones? As always I love to read your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Birthday Flowers To give as a Treat to an Allergy Sufferer

  1. Living abroad from family and friends means that I often send flowers as a gift. I just think that flowers are always a gift that people love to receive. Great tips on flowers to send for allergy sufferers too. x

    1. Oh I agree, sending flowers is a wonderful thing to do when loved ones are so far away. Thanks for stopping by x

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