Quarantined Kids and You: 5 Activity Ideas To Keep You All Busy

We’ve been living in strange, unprecedented times for a few weeks now. And while most of us are coming to terms with the way things are, adapting to video calls with the boss in your living room while you try to keep the kids out of shot, queuing up for groceries and keeping the recommended distance away from strangers and people in the street – it doesn’t stop things from getting a little stagnant, especially if you have little ones to keep entertained at home. 

Spending more time at home means you need plenty of ways to keep the kids busy and entertained. However, after several weeks of the same old routine, those activities can get stale – fast! So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered 5 activity ideas that will keep you all busy – and happy.

Quarantined Kids and You: 5 Activity Ideas To Keep You All Busy – and Happy

Colouring is king

It’s a pretty basic activity, but in these strange times, it’s the old school activities that your kids are going to love the most. Don’t worry if they’ve already filled in all their colouring books, you can print colouring sheets for free online – need a Xerox printer cartridge? Click the link! This means that your little ones can spend hours colouring everything from their favourite princesses and superheroes to cartoon characters and everything in between. Dig out those crayons and let their creativity flow. 

Colouring - Rainbows


Rainbows have become a heart-warming symbol of this otherwise frightening pandemic. And you don’t have to go far (not necessarily of course) to see rainbows springing up in every window you see. If you’ve already coloured rainbows, why not take it to the next level?

  • Use chalks to make rainbows on your driveway/path
  • Create Lego or Hama Bead rainbow designs
  • Use tissue paper to create a 3D rainbow

Pebble and rock art

On your daily exercise, be on the lookout for smooth stones or pebbles that your children could decorate. All you need are some paints or markers to create some really fun designs!

Write letters and postcards

It’s difficult not seeing our loved ones as much as we’d like. So, why not get your little ones to write letters to their friends and family members? If your little one can’t write just yet, then let them create some colourful postcards to send instead.

Grow your own!

Save yourself some future trips to the supermarket and get the kids to plant their own veggies. You don’t need a huge garden. Just a small container that they can in time transfer into a larger one! 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have found these 5 activity ideas useful. Colouring and gardening are king for us!

What activities do you do to keep everyone busy?

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3 thoughts on “Quarantined Kids and You: 5 Activity Ideas To Keep You All Busy

  1. Some great ideas here. We have been crafting and baking like mad!! A garden day today though due to the lovely weather

    1. Yes, Arts and Crafts can be popular with the children. Adults also can get involved in Arts and Crafts.

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