5 Ways To Have A Relaxing Day At Home

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We all need to relax and unwind at home. Whether its the evenings, weekends or just a couple of hours to your self. It’s good for your mind, stress levels and happiness. So what do you need to have a relaxing day at home?

I’ve come up with 5 things that I would like and need for a relaxing day at home. Hopefully they would be on your list as well!

5 Ways To Have A Relaxing Day At Home

1. Do everything at your own leisure

I’m pretty sure you will have been planning ahead for this day. So when it arrives wake up at your own leisure. Don’t set an alarm. Let your body wake up naturally. This will be a great start to the day. You will be feeling relaxed and yet awake.

Throughout the day, don’t rush about. Take your time and enjoy what you are doing. Sometimes having nothing planned can be the most relaxing of all.

2. Do what you want to do

If pottering around the garden is your relaxing thing, do it. Or you could be like me and wish you could lounge around on electric recliner chairs with a great book with a hot chocolate an cake.

3. Catch up on lost sleep

I know I touched on this in point 1, but it’s important to catch up on lost sleep to maintain your health. Having a busy working and home life can be very stressful and this often results in sleepless nights. If you can on your day of relaxation go to bed earlier than usual. The majority of adults need uninterrupted sleep of 7-8 hours per night.

4. Do some writing

Writing relaxes me, so blogging is an ideal thing for me. I can just write and write, sometimes jibberish but it lets me feel relaxed. You could start a diary or bullet journal to write down your thoughts.

5 Ways To Have A Relaxing -Day At Home - writing

5. Do some kind of activity

Many people say exercising is good for relaxation, so if this is you, go for a gentle run, do some yoga and stretching. Afterward, you can have a hot relaxing bath to relieve the tension and soreness in your muscles. Other activities could be giving yourself a massage. Your head, face, arms, and thighs or doing meditation.

There are many activities you can do to have a relaxing day at home. What is your go to activity?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found this post useful.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Have A Relaxing Day At Home

  1. Great ideas, I try to relax by entering competitions whilst my children are in bed, although they are all still awake in bed, my 2 year old daughter is usually asleep by now but has moved from her cot to a single bed this week and would much rather play with her toys than sleep, she shares a room with her 6 year old sister and they wind each other up, my 14 year old son has a friend staying over so they are still playing on the xbox xx

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