Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playmat Review 

I was a huge Mickey Mouse fan as a kid. Since having baby girl we have been watching the Disney Jr channel quite a lot which shows the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoons. I just love it as much as she does. We both dance along to the ‘Hot Dog’ song much to my husbands amusement!

So when we were given the choice of kids playmats to try out from Tatamiz we chose the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse design.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playmat Review

We love the bright fun colours of the playmat. The picture quality is superb of all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters. We of course love Minnie. Who is your favourite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Character?

Mickey Mouse Hopscotch playmat

Baby Girl is not old enough to appreciate the playmat displayed into the hopscotch format. But that is the main feature of this set. As shown on the box above. All kids love the hopscotch game and this playmat is perfect for that. It has a non slip surface for little feet.

Numbered playmat

The numbers are clearly shown on the individual squares. Each square has its own colour and Clubhouse character.

Mickey Mouse playmats

Baby girl is absorbed in Daffy Duck as you can see. She loves playing on the colourful squares.

Baby girl on her playmat

Unfortunately you cannot buy this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse design in the UK (sorry for the tease!), but you can get the Paw Patrol and Disney Princesses playmats from TJ Morris for Christmas.

Paw Patrol Hopscotch Playmat

Disney Princesses Hopscotch Playmat


*The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playmat set was sent to us to review in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always

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