A Christmas Wish: Subscription Boxes

A couple of weeks back I started on a Christmas Wish List. My first thing on the list was a coffee machine. Recently I have been hearing about various subscription boxes that you can buy. Nowadays there are subscription boxes for everything! So for my second Christmas Wish I’m going for a subscription box.


So far I’ve come up with a list of the different boxes you can get.

  • Beauty – Glossybox, Birchbox
  • Food – Graze, HelloFresh, Degustabox, The Goodness Project and my fav – Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club. I’m wondering if my husband reads this… Hint… Hint!
  • Geeks – My Geek Box, Lootcrate
  • Books – The Willoughby Book Club, Prudence and the Crow
  • Tea and Coffee – The London Tea Club, Pact Coffee
  • Flowers – Bunches
  • Health – VITL
  • Stationery – The Brimbles Box, Happy Paper Club, Paperhaul, Ink Drops Ace Selection Box, Spotlight Stationery

I think subscription boxes make the most amazing gifts. Especially at Christmas or for birthday’s. The recipient will receive gifts through their letterbox long after their big day. Plus I’m pretty sure there are subscription boxes out their for everyone. Even that hard to buy person who wants and says they need nothing!

My favourite as I mentioned above would be a chocolate one or maybe a stationery or book!

I think subscription boxes are completely on trend at the moment. While doing a little reading up on subscription boxes and what’s on the market at the moment I came across a Gin Explorers box! Fab for your gin loving friends Yes Mumzilla  I mean you!

Another subscription box find is the Cure and Simple one. One for that bacon love in your life! Oh yes! Bacon delivered to your letterbox weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Whatever you want! Just in time for your fry up!

I have discovered that the Subscription box list could go on for ever.. socks, razors, sanitary towels, surprises, scented melts, home accessories, dog treats, baking boxes – I will stop now!

Do you subscribe to a subscription box? Have you ever bought one as a gift?

Thanks for reading x


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2 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish: Subscription Boxes

  1. I subscribe to the the Hotel Chocolat tasting club and I have to say they are fantastic chocolates. They may be more expensive chocolates than you by in the shops but they are so much tastier and I find they last longer as I want to savour them (not to mention the chocolates themselves are bigger).

    For flowers I can really recommend Bloom and Wild which I have been subscribing to for a couple of year for my Mum. When they arrive the flowers are still closed and they open up over the first couple of days which means you get a lot of life out them.

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