A Christmas Wish: Coffee Machine

For ages I have been wanting a coffee machine at home. You know one of those ones that you can just push a button and your steaming freshly made coffee is right in front of you.

I have been hinting to my husband for Christmas. I wonder if he gets the hints! Over the next couple of months I have decided to post a series of blogs called A Christmas Wish. Basically it’s all the lovely things I would love for Christmas so it’s my very own wish list!

coffee-machine -Christmas Wish list

Recently we popped into our new local Caffe Néro that has just opened up. It’s our Saturday morning treat. I love the smell of freshly ground coffee. It’s the perfect wake-me-up. Especially since becoming a mum, when you cannot survive without coffee after being up all night.

Years ago

Years ago I used to work in a cafe, it was my first ‘proper job’ after college while I decided what I wanted to do. Turns out I loved working surrounded by customers, serving cakes and coffee so I stayed there until I got made redundant at 21.

One of my favourite jobs was serving the coffee. We used Lavazza coffee beans and the smell was out of this world. I loved filling up the Mazzer Grinders ready for the morning trade. Our machine was quite high up on the back counter so I used to stand on a kick stall and tip the beans into the machine. I jumped one day when a customer shouted to me while my back was turned and the packet of beans flew everywhere!

restaurant-beans-coffee-morning coffee machine

The coffee delivery used to arrive on Thursday’s if my memory serves right. Huge boxes full up with bags of coffee beans. We used to store them out the back which made the back room smell wonderful. It’s strange but they say smell’s can trigger memories and they are absolutely correct. Whenever I get the whiff of coffee beans it brings me back to my cafe working days.

I used to be an expert at making cappuccinos, lattes anything coffee related! The only thing we didn’t have back then were flavoured syrups for the coffees. I suppose that’s only taken off recently. You can get some fantastic Monin syrups for coffees nowadays. My favourite is apple pie – perfect for my sweet tooth! If you are interested in making the perfect cup of coffee, there are many barista training courses you could enrol on to help you also make the best coffee ever.

So after taking you back down memory lane the coffee machine I have hinted for Christmas that this perfect little hot drinks machine would be amazing!

What is your favourite coffee? Is a coffee machine on your Christmas wish list?

As always I love to hear your thoughts.


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2 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish: Coffee Machine

  1. I have had a coffee machine on my wishlist for years….It’s always one of those things I just never get around to buying! One day I will.
    Although at the moment I am loving iced coffee. A Caramel one from Tesco 😀 x

    1. Oh yes I love iced coffee especially in the Summer. Now it’s getting colder plenty of hot drinks needed. Thanks for stopping by x

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