Kids’ Parties: Tame The Chaos And Make It A Day To Remember

Throwing kids’ parties can be a lot of fun, even for parents. When you get it right, you help your children create new, fun memories of their childhood – something that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. 

Organising kids’ parties, though, is a little different from a run-of-the-mill shindig. They have different needs. You can’t just copy-paste your adult format. 

Kids' Parties: Tame The Chaos And Make It A Day To Remember

So what are the ingredients of a fabulous kids party? Let’s take a look. 

Choose A Theme

Kids parties are supposed to be fun, so choosing a theme is an essential part of the day. Think about something that your child loves. It could be based on a generic topic, like princesses and castles. Or it could be something more specific, like Spongebob. You get the gist. Pick something you know they’ll like and run with it. Make the theme chime with the food you serve, the characters you introduce, and the activities you pick. 

Build A Big Guest List

Next step – build a guest list. There are the obvious choices: their friends from school. But there are also a host of optional extras – kids they might not think of immediately, but who can help make the event a memorable one. 

Be Creative With Flavours

Kids tend to eat a pretty bland and boring diet. It’s either processed food out of the freezer, mashed potato, or sweets. Their palettes never really get a chance to develop or experience something new. 

Parties aren’t about satisfying hunger – they’re about doing something fun. So when you come to choosing food, make it enjoyable. You could, for instance, make dandelion and burdock lollipops or cardamom-flavoured ice cream. Add enough sugar and kids will eat just about anything. 

Add A Photo Booth

Say goodbye to the camera phones. They’re boring. Say hello to photo booth hire – now that’s much more interesting. 

Kids love these things. They’re essentially small, portable rooms you can hire with the equivalent of Apple filters built into them. Kids can dress up, make silly faces and apply all sorts of digital wizardry to make their pictures look even more hilarious. Great for groups of friends. 

Pick Your Entertainers

Young children love entertainers. They find them enchanting. Choose your entertainers wisely. Remember, young children can sometimes find clowns and others dressed-up entertainers scary, so make them age-appropriate. You don’t want wailing kids on your hands when you’ve hired out a professional. 

Keep Activities Running

Keeping kids busy at a party is always a challenge. So parents should make sure that they lay on a spread of things to do. Experts recommend something that actively engages kids’ brains, like pizza-making, bowling or playing fun scavenger hunt games such as:

Create a list of backup entertainment ideas. You never know when you might need them, just in case the main activities don’t play out how you anticipate. 

Organising a party is a team effort – something you’ll want to do with other people. Gather a bunch of helpers together and make it happen. Other parents should chip in.

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