How to Layer a Pinafore Dress for Girls

The perfect addition to a little girl’s wardrobe is the timeless and versatile pinafore dress. As part of a pretty summer ensemble for a bike ride in the park or layered up for a cold winter day, it will be the new closet favorite. A girl’s pinafore dress can be layered as a super casual and low maintenance look or it can be styled up as a cute outfit for your little one’s next birthday party.

With loads of fabrics, colors, and styles to choose from, the pinafore dress is a great basis to pull together any ensemble. There are several ways to layer one—whether you combine it with sneakers or cute Mary Janes. To help you create outfits with your daughter’s pinafore dress, we have put together a mini style guide.  

How to Layer a Pinafore Dress for Girls

Tops to wear with a pinafore dress

Pinafore dresses need to be paired with a top or blouse of some sort underneath. If the weather is sunny and warm, opt for a tank top in either a solid color for a sleek look or choose a floral patterned tank for a pop. A basic t-shirt is also a good everyday casual choice. For a fancier occasion, a collared shirt paired with a pinafore dress will look both fashion-forward and proper—not to mention adorable!

In the spring and fall, a light sweater can be worn with a pinafore dress. Layer it with a chunky waffle knit for colder days and with an airy and thin long-sleeve t-shirt when it is slightly warmer and weather permitting. For the super cold winter months, wear a base layer and then a thick sweater underneath the pinafore dress. Since this versatile piece is not meant to have a tight fit, there should be ample room to add both tops.

Leggings to wear with a pinafore dress?

Leggings are the perfect way to make a girl’s pinafore dress more accessible for everyday wear. Girls may be reluctant to wear dresses without shorts underneath especially when they are at a playful age. Wearing pants may put them at ease and is equally stylish. Tomboys will appreciate this combination as well!

Combine a solid colored pinafore dress with boldly printed leggings for a fun and playful vibe. Or combine a patterned pinafore dress with patterned leggings in the same color tone for a funky look. Jeggings and jeans are also great options to wear with a pinafore and are slightly fancier than leggings. Since they are thicker, they’re perfect to wear on chillier days. 

Accessories to wear with a pinafore dress?

For an adorable look that’s perfect for picture day at school or a weekend family brunch, pair it with a blouse, knee-high socks, and Mary Janes. Or wear one to a garden party along with a cute hat and sunglasses. Let your daughter choose her favorite purse or backpack to bring along to complete the look, whatever they want to combine it with. On a cooler day accessorize with a scarf. Pull the look together by pairing it with tights, thick socks, and boots.

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