6 Top Graduation Party Ideas

With everything that has happened in the world at the moment there are hundreds of thousands of kids around the world missing out on their graduations. But whose to say you can’t organise a graduation party for your child later on in the year? Perhaps at the end of the Summer?

To get you thinking, here are a few graduation party ideas to celebrate a milestone in your child’s life. It’s not every day you graduate from preschool, school, college or university. Or finish a lockdown period! Celebrating can be done in many ways. You could want a soft play party for preschoolers or the biggest grad beach party ever! A quiet afternoon tea party in a beautiful garden could be a choice. Whatever you decide, there are a few things you need to get onto your party list.

6 Top Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Invites

You need to let people know when and where the graduation party is. So getting some graduation invitation ideas going is a good place to start. Are you looking for formal invitations to go with a formal party? Or have you planned a more relaxed due, therefore requiring invitations to go with.

If you head over to Basic Invite, you will have infinite colour combinations, with instant online previews of your mock invite you’ve just made. Colour coordinate your whole party! They have over 40 different envelope colours so that they can make your graduation open house invitation stand out, even before it’s opened.

Graduation Party Invitation

DIY Cap Making

All graduates have a cap when they graduate. You can make your own – stand out from the rest! You can even have a few friends over and have a cap decorating party before the big day. Make the experience memorable.

Graduation Photo Board

Make your own photo board for the party where everyone can put their photos on. Remember to have an instant camera ready to print off the photos there and then to show off.

Graduation Photo Booth Backdrop

How much fun would it be to have a backdrop display in place to get together with your friends and create memories of the special day. Don’t forget the basket of fun props and balloons to use in the photos!

Party Food

It’s not a party without party food! You can get creative and come up with some great party displays with a graduation theme. Cupcakes with caps on would look cute!

Graduation cupcakes

Thank You Cards

It takes a lot of hard work and organisation to plan and carry out a graduation party. A cute and thoughtful gesture is to put together a thank you note for graduation for your loved ones. You can get some really pretty ones with a photo on, name and year of graduation. It also makes a wonderful keepsake.

I hope these graduation party ideas will be helpful in times to come. Here is another blog post of mine on party ideas which may be helpful also.

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  1. Is it really ‘graduating’ when a child is leaving preschool? I always thought graduating involved silly gowns and silly hats and stupidly expensive photos.

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