What Can Parents Do To Help Their Child’s Education?

It’s a common question from parents who want the best possible future for their children and, yet, so many still don’t really know where to begin when it comes to playing as supportive a role as possible in their child’s education. If you’re not certain what you can do to help them learn as effectively as possible, here are some ideas that are worth trying out.

What Can Parents Do To Help Their Child's Education?

Volunteer at the school

Often, what gets in the way of teachers offering the best educational experience possible is that they are stretched too thin. As such, most primary and a lot of secondary schools will be glad to welcome volunteers who can help with parties, projects, and extra-curricular activities at the school. By supporting the faculty, you are supporting your children.

Run a homework club

Not every parent will have the time for this one, of course. However, if you do, then a homework club held at the school or library with the help of other parents can help you all find a structured way to directly support the curriculum being taught in the classroom. It can also put you in touch with like-minded parents who want to ensure the best education possible for all the children.

Help organise trips

You can take your children on trips of your own any time you want (so long as it doesn’t conflict with their schooling.) However, you can also get involved with the school to help organise educational travel opportunities, as well. Finding cost-effective opportunities that the school will gladly get into and offering to volunteer as a chaperone can help the school make use of travel as a learning tool much more often.

Engage their creative side

Most people, even those who work in education, will admit that the creative side of learning tends to get sidelined more and more as our children grow older. They want to focus on important skills that help them get prepared for an academic and productive world. But that creative side is just as important to your child’s education, so you can nurture it with the right creative hobbies, whether it be with products you buy for them at home or local hobby clubs you can get them involved in.

Get reading with them

Consider setting up a reading club with your kid and other parents who might be interested. This can be done in person or even through forums, blogs, and social media groups, with parents and kids (if they’re old enough) contributing discussions and recommendations. Reading outside of class, especially during the early years, is one of the most commonly acknowledged predictors of academic success, so it usually pays off to invest some time and energy in it.

There’s no denying that children that get the educational attention they need from both the school and their parents have a much better chance of succeeded later in life. Be active in their learning from as early as possible and make it a routine part of their educational experience.

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  1. How lovely to read this post. Spending time supporting and encouraging your child’s education and development is crucial, even if it just begins with reading to them and with them.

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