My Little World Activity Packs Review

*Ad-gifted – We were sent My Little World activity packs in exchange for this post.

Imaginative worlds for little minds to create and explore.

L has found a huge love for being creative lately, I think it’s mainly to do with her preschool where they are encouraging her. She comes home with many different art projects shes been doing. I’ve already got a box full!

So getting the chance to show her these fun activity packs from My Little World, I knew she would find them intriguing and keep her busy for a while.


What are My Little World Activity Packs?

Open your imagination to a new world of role play.

Developed by two school friends, My Little World brings together beautifully drawn characters and scenes to create an exciting new role play world that will spark a child’s creativity and imagination. Watch as children create their own adventures and develop their world understanding through play.

My Little World provides a child with creative play opportunities using simple tools: Drawings, card and colouring pencils.

What are My Little World Activity Packs?

A child’s mind has no limits, so watch them explore and use their imagination to their heart’s content using the activity packs for role-playing.

In the range

  • Village High Street
  • Emergency Services
  • Space Station Foxtrot
  • Airport
  • Fairy Village
  • Christmas Time

What We Received

We received Emergency Services World and the Airport activity packs to check out.

Emergency Services World

Since L was little shes always loved fire engines and ambulances, so this pack was ideal for her. She found it exciting choosing the colours to colour in the different buildings and characters.

Emergency Services World

Included in the pack is:

5 buildings, 7 characters and 9 extras, You also get your colouring pencils and small stands to stand the buildings/characters upright.

  • Police Headquarters
  • Chief Inspector Cheesely and Chief Inspector Cheesely on Patrol
  • Fire Station and Fire Engine
  • Ambulance Station
  • Coastguard Station
  • Mountain Rescue and Mountaineer Morgan
  • Mountaineer Morgan and his helicopter
  • Twins, Firefighter Fred, and Firefighter Fergus
  • Captain Catt in his Coastguard boat
  • Paramedic Pippa and Paramedic Pippa in her Ambulance
  • Plus Barbecue, Flowers, Ladders.


Ever since she knows her dad flies on a plane for work, when he goes over to the Isles of Scilly she is fascinated with planes and the airport.

Included in this pack is 2 buildings, 15 characters and 7 planes and vehicles.

  • Main Terminal
  • Passenger Jet
  • Control Tower
  • Private Jet
  • Helicopter
  • Fire Engine
  • Captain Charlie
  • Airport Staff
  • Passengers
  • Suit Cases, Scales, Shops.

What We Think

I will start by saying that the card packaging and activity cards are all recyclable, fantastic for our environment. The activity packs are just the right size for taking on holiday, all you need to remember are the kid safety scissors! In fact, we are going to take the Airport pack away with us when we head off to Bluestone in September. It will keep L busy for sure in the lodge when we are not out and about.

colouring in the my little world activity packs

I’ve got hooked on colouring the cards as well with L, it’s really therapeutic. The designs are intricate in places so L has been going over the lines, but shes thoroughly enjoying setting her buildings up and playing with the characters. She still a little young at 3 years old to handle the cutting out, but she’s happy for me to do this for her.

colouring the firehouse in emergency services

Each pack is aimed at four to nine-year-olds and contain 12 cards featuring characters, buildings, and extras, which make up that particular world. The characters have names and short bios to spark the child’s imagination and the elements are double sided, with characters displaying different emotions on each side to enhance the play value.


My Little World is the perfect combined activity, colouring and role play have got together in the most fantastic way. And at a very reasonable price as well.

Available from My Little World

RRP: £4.99

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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  1. I was lucky enough to win My Little World Space Station FoxTrot for my granddaughter. It arrived over the weekend when my daughter and granddaughter were moving to a new flat, which was perfect timing as most of my granddaughter’s toys were packed in boxes. The pack kept me and my granddaughter busy for several hours, first colouring in most of the characters and the spaceships, then role playing a really exciting story with the fox family and the aliens. We then spent some more time colouring in some of the additional characters and scenery, and expanded on our story. We thoroughly enjoyed this toy.

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