5 Tips To Save Money on Kids Clothes

With another New Year upon us, January sees us as a month all spent out from Christmas. Now is the time to have a Spring clean, tidy out the kids wardrobes and make some money. I’m sharing with you my favourite tips on how to save money on kids clothes.

5 Tips To Save Money on Kids Clothes

Buy high quality

It’s better to buy high quality clothes for kids that will last don’t you think? You could save money in the long run, instead of buying the cheaper lower quality fashion clothes. That will need replacing all the time.

Pass onto family and friends

If you have family or friends with babies at the correct age, that’s another way of clearing out your babies and kids wardrobe. I believe it’s important to have a clear out every so often to keep that clothing cycle going around and so you don’t get over run with outgrown clothes. Repurpose old clothes is a big thing in recent years. You can also do a clothes swop, which is what I do with my sister.

Local charity shops

It seems nowadays babies never get full wear and tare out of there clothes, they grow so fast. Therefore most are practically brand new. So another way of clearing out old baby’s and kids clothes is to give them to your local charity shops. They are always glad for baby clothes, plus they are going towards a good cause. We gave a lot of clothes, and toys to our local children’s hospice shop, and while we were there, picked up a few bits.

5 Tips To Save Money on Kids Clothes

Upcycle and Repurpose

How about using the clothes and turning them into another item. I’ve seen lots of ideas on Pinterest including making a beanie hat from an old t shirt, using another t shirt and adding other fabrics to turn it into a cute dress. I’ve also seen a headband made from the waistband of an old pair of joggers.

You can make quits and cushions from lots of different old baby clothes. So long as you are a dab hand with a sewing machine! But if you are not, don’t worry you can cut up pieces of the fabric and turn it into artwork. Yes I saw a piece of art with birds made from any old baby clothes!

You can find plenty of quality free sewing patterns online, especially on needlecraft sites such as Yarnie. Yarnie sends out weekly newsletters containing a variety of free premium patterns, so make sure to subscribe!  

Keep for a future sibling

Yes there is always this, but you need to pack away the clothes freshly washed and in vacuum bags, like these ones I got from Amazon. Suck the air out with your vacuum cleaner and you can safely store away for future use. Also they are a great space saver. If you buy gender neutral colours from the start they will be suitable for either gender next time.

5 Tips To Save Money on Kids Clothes

I hope these ideas have inspired you and given some food for thought. Second time around, I know we definitely won’t be having any more kids. We weighed up the pros and cons of having a third child, and it’s a no, so we are clearing out the wardrobe as we go along. The money we get from the clothes sales we will be putting back into their clothes pot for buying the next sizes up. It’s a fantastic way to earn money from baby clothes.

What tips do you have for saving money on kids clothes?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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