Explaining To Your Daughter About Her First Period

I remember starting my first period at 11 years old. Mum explained it to me around a year before, plus I had an older sister. I think most women remember when they started theirs. I’ve got quite a few years before I will have the talk with my daughters. With lots of raging hormones and body development, it can be a very confusing yet anxious time for many. Luckily, Lil-Lets have a variety of products available that will help your daughter as she begins the changes to develop into adult life.

Explaining To Your Daughter About Her First Period

Alongside Lil-Lets, we’ve come up with a few steps of how you can tackle the challenging experience of having ‘the talk’ with your daughter.

Preparing your daughter

Every young girl’s nightmare is starting their period at school or even away from home. To help avoid this fear, it’s a good idea to give them some sanitary pads to keep in her school bag just in case. Teen ranges specifically for this moment are sold in a variety of cosmetic stores across the UK – containing a variety of all products so that your daughter can try each and every one of them out to see which works better for her. These packages also come in a discreet cosmetic bag so that it can’t easily be identified by others. Wearing a pant liner on a daily basis can build her confidence as it alleviates any fear that she’ll be caught unaware.

What is a period?

To help your daughter feel fully prepared, explain to her the science around her first period. Although it may seem obvious, talking this through with your daughter may make her aware of how a period works so that she’s well informed of everything she needs to know about the whole process. Talking through all aspects of her body and periods will really help, and the information displayed this can be accessed via a large number of sites.

What products are there?

You might be familiar with products that are on sale at the moment, but your daughter won’t be. Once you’ve bought a pack, show her a pad, how she should position it and how to dispose of it afterward.

Explaining To Your Daughter About Her First Period - sanitary products

This should give her the confidence to do it herself next time. If you’d both rather not have this conversation directly, our ‘Becoming a Teen’ YouTube channel features animated videos on how to use pads so she can have a look in her own time.

The same applies to tampons as they can be really confusing, especially as they come in both an applicator and non-applicator formats.

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  1. Very useful advice, it’s such a confusing time for any girl to go through, a little chat with mum makes it so much better.

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