How to Avoid Moving Nightmares

Precautions You Must Take to Make Sure Your Prized Possessions Don’t Get Damaged

Moving to your dream home can be such a cocktail of excitement and stress. It’s so positive to be moving into the next chapter of your life but getting there with everyone in your family and everything you own is a whole different ball game.

After all, imagine getting to your destination, only to start unpacking and realizing your prized possessions are damaged, or worse, broken. This can be heart-breaking, and with priceless items with sentimental value, irreplaceable!

How to Avoid Moving Nightmares_ Precautions You Must Take to Make Sure Your Prized Possessions Don't Get Damaged

With all this mind, today we’re going to explore many of the ways you can help to prepare and plan to prevent these moving disasters, ensuring your new adventure is far less stressful.

Be Organised

This is perhaps the key, most important, factor you need to think about. If you’re not organized, you’re going to spend so much of your time rushing around and trying to figure out where everything is and what you’re doing, and this is where the mistakes are going to happen.
Instead, take weeks if you need to plan ahead and think about what order you’re going to pack, how you’re going to pack and give yourself enough time to do everything properly.

Use a Professional Company

The next important thing you’ll want to think about is enlisting the help of a professional company. This is crucial because although you might try to save money by doing everything yourself, you won’t have the experience this company has, again making room for mistakes to happen.
From smaller items and pets to furniture, make sure you’re using a furniture removals Service Company that’s not only insured but there to help you have the most stress-free moving experience. This way, you can take a lot of the stress off what you’re doing and focus on more important things.

Pack Properly

Put it this way, if you’re packing a ton of plates and heavy objects into a flimsy cardboard box and you’re not even wrapping them individually to protect them, you’re basically asking for something to get broken, and you can guarantee it will.

How to Avoid Moving Nightmares_ Precautions You Must Take to Make Sure Your Prized Possessions Don't Get Damaged

Make sure you have enough resources to pack everything securely, and your most fragile items are wrapped to help prevent knocks, nicks, and dents. Then make sure you have sturdy cardboard boxes to carry and stack everything professionally.

Get Covered

Depending on where you are and what’s in your area, you may be able to take out removal and moving insurance that can help protect your items and belongings. It might be worth looking into this if there’s something you really want to protect.

If you’re using a professional service, they should be covered anywhere, so make sure you’re checking this to ensure your chosen company is professional, licensed and qualified to get the job done. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple companies and ask around.


While there are lots of things to remember when your big moving day approaches, it’s important to take a step back, breathe, and remember to get organised and stay methodical with your packing in order to have the best and most painless moving experience possible.

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  1. We’ve moved several times and had some good experiences and some dreadful experiences with moving companies. It is definitely a good idea to take out insurance to cover any losses or damages.

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