Sinking Into The Comfort Of Your Bedroom

How many of us treat our bedrooms like a utility room? It’s just there, to give us a place to shut off and boot up again. It’s sad how neglected modern bedrooms can be because they’re not seen as places where we enjoy defining our style. It’s been this way for almost a decade, as modern homes have made our living spaces in places that should be more useful than comfortable. However, change is afoot. Interior design circles are whispering to each other that the style and comfort of your bedroom are more important than looking good and performing a function.

Sinking Into The Comfort Of Your Bedroom

After you hear more about this, you’ll want to jump on the bandwagon and make the comfort of your bedroom a room you actually look forward to sleeping in.

Sinking in

The pillow is by far the most important thing about our bedroom. It’s strange isn’t it, how such a small item can overwhelm the entire room, but you know it to be true. If you wake up with a sore neck or a headache, it’s because your pillow is rubbish. For supreme comfort, you have two very clear frontrunners. Goose down pillows have been the mark of luxury and comfort for hundreds of years. You simply can’t go wrong with when it comes to outright softness. The down of a goose are waterproof, oily and very soft, hence why Cuddledown use special Canadian goose down for their premium pillow. Eve Sleep, on the other hand, uses modern memory foam to provide great and consistent support. The latter is by far something that goose down can’t match as well.

Going under the covers

If you’re going to spend a lot on your pillow, as you should, then don’t skimp on the covers. Silk is so alluringly soft, it invites you in like no other fabric. Velvet and satin tend not to last as long, while silk is robust and supremely smooth to the touch. Silk covers don’t usually come with any sort of design, which makes them look rather bland compared to even the most common synthetic covers. That’s why you should have silk printing draw you a design you like and have it printed onto your silk sheets. Whether you like animal prints, flowers, birds or perhaps just a pattern that you like, they can put your chosen design into the threads without disrupting the structure of the fabric. Imagine a bed covered in silk and a unique pattern only you have? Makes you want to get under the covers!

Hot, cold, hot

Don’t you hate it when you get out of bed in the morning and your feet are met with a sudden cold floor? Walking from your carpeted floor into the tiled or hardwood floor toilet room is a small but quite annoying change in temperature. You could place a rug on your bathroom floor so your feet never have to be shocked so early in the morning. Or pop on a pair of women’s slipper boots to keep your feet warm and toasty.

Take care of the comfort of your bedroom and design it however you wish. Just because no one will admire your style, doesn’t mean you can implement it to make your mind and body more comfortable. 

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  1. That bed looks amazing!!! I really need to invest in some of those Eve pillows. My bedroom really needs some comfort added to it. Im jealous of the bedroom in the picture haha.

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