6 Tips On Choosing The Right Rug For Your Living Room

Our living rooms are the spaces where we come at the end of the day to unwind; whether it’s with a good book, a Netflix series, or simply catching up with family and friends. The interior design of our living room needs to be just right to ensure that we feel relaxed and comfortable. Rugs can make or break the design of a living room, so it’s a good plan to figure out what you’re looking for before you start shopping. These tips will help you choose the right rug for your living room.

6 Tips On Choosing The Right Rug For Your Living Room
6 Tips On Choosing The Right Rug For Your Living Room


Measure the space you have before you start rug shopping. If you buy a rug that’s too large, it will only make your living room appear smaller. However, choosing one that’s too small will simply look out of place. Measure for a medium-sized rug (in comparison to the floor space that you have). Rectangular rugs can be perfect to sit in between a large space where two sofas face one another. Circular rugs can be ideal for smaller living rooms or corner spaces; as long as you leave enough space around them.


Of course, you’ll need to match the rug to the colour scheme of your room. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same colours as your walls and accessories, just complementary to the shades. If you’re revamping your colour schemes anyway, winter is a good time to try some warm colours. Try shades of peach, red, orange or terracotta. While you’re at it, try some festive candles like cinnamon or nutmeg. If you have a smaller room, it’s best to stick to lighter or neutral colours to ensure that you don’t dwarf the space. As with any room, before you start redecorating it can be a great idea to declutter the room. A clear space is much easier as a blank canvas to add new accessories. 


Wool rugs are great to prepare your home for the cold weather. These rugs are warm and can help to insulate the room and make everything feel cosy. Some prefer a rug that’s wool mixed with a man-made fibre like nylon; these can be less expensive. Having said this, rugs made of 100% wool tend to have a longer lifespan overall. Cotton rugs are soft and available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Again, these are less expensive than wool so could be a great go-to if you’re not looking to spend too much. Another advantage of cotton rugs is that you can usually wash these rugs in your washing machine. 


For an eco-friendly choice, many buyers are opting for hemp rugs; these are both affordable and great to give your room an earthy, natural look. Seagrass is another excellent option for a natural fibre rug. Seagrass is particularly resistant to stains and discolouration, so it’s a fab low maintenance option. Jute rugs are also praised for having earth-friendly properties. Jute plants are fast-growing and do not use chemical pesticides. What’s more, jute plants improve the fertility of the soil and the products are easily recyclable. 


Some rugs are harder to clean than others, depending on the kind of dirt. Wool rugs and polypropylene rugs will naturally repel some stains but not all stains. Before you invest in a new rug, it’s best to buy some green cleaning solutions. If you prefer, use a DIY solution of baking soda and vinegar to scrub out smaller stains. Once you’ve applied your cleaning solution be sure to vacuum your rug. You can apply the solution again if the dirt has not disappeared. For those tougher set stains, it’s often easier to call in the experts! Devine Rug Care have over 30 years of experience cleaning all different kinds of rugs, so are a great go-to if you need some help. 


Wool rugs are probably the most expensive option, though they are also the most durable. Wool-mix rugs will usually be next down the price-scale. Generally, natural fibre rugs maybe a little cheaper, but this largely depends on the brand. If you’re looking to save some money, why not take a look at some second-hand or vintage stores? Who knows what deals you might find, and you’ll also be going-greener and promoting a zero-waste lifestyle.

While you’re shopping for a new rug for your living room, why not treat yourself to some matching cushions or woollen throws for your sofa? Now’s the time to get your room looking great for entertaining friends in the winter holidays! 

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