How To Keep The Kitchen Floor Clean From Muddy Shoes

Dry dirt is an issue, but when water is added to it, the liquid component helps it settle much deeper. Kitchen floors are undoubtedly the most used areas of any household and become messy and oily in just a few rounds of cooking no matter what material they are made of. Things become even more difficult when the weather changes for the worse and foot traffic increases. If you add all the mud which gets deposited to the food crumbs and spills, then you know you have a serious problem of hygiene on your hands. Here are a few tips to keep the kitchen floor clean from muddy shoes all the time.

How To Keep The Kitchen Floor Clean From Muddy Shoes

Remove spots immediately

Clean the spots on the floor as soon as they happen with a paper towel. The last thing you want to apply on your kitchen floor is a thick layer of chemicals, as these contain many harsh ingredients that can cause a serious allergic reaction. There are other natural options, like white vinegar, baking soda or oil soap, that are more effective on any type of flooring, be it hardwood, tile, linoleum or laminated, and which won’t tarnish the surface finish either.

Clean the floor regularly

Kitchen floors endure a lot of wear and tear each day. Cleaning it regularly will ensure they look spic and span at all times. Irrespective of the flooring material (though laminate flooring is easy to clean), there are some tasks that need to be undertaken to reduce the dirt and grime tracked in by dirty and muddy shoes. Sweeping from time to time is one option, followed by mopping to remove the grease and hard mud stains.


To avoid cleaning muddy floors it is better to prevent the mud from entering the kitchen in the first place. While there is no foolproof method to keep all the mud out, there are ways to make the cleaning part less intensive. Start from outside your building and try keeping the walk leading to your front door clean so people coming in have less mud to step on. Keep a mat outside and between all doors, if possible, to brush off their shoes. The more mats the better. The mats too should be cleaned daily and left overnight to dry.

General care

If and when you do get on your kitchen floor clean routine there are some basic ways to keep the floor looking as good as when it was installed. During the muddy months clean the floor more frequently or at least on a daily basis. When it rains a lot, increase the cleaning sessions to two or three times a day.

A simple glance at your kitchen floor will reveal how the dirt and grime from the shoes build up each day. Removing the stains caused by the dirty footprints will help keep them in good condition as shoes make direct contact with the mud and water and end bringing it all to your kitchen floor. We are sure that by following these helpful hints, cleaning a muddy kitchen floor should be quick, easy and stress-free.

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