3 Important Lifestyle Factors To Address While Pregnant

There really is no right time to start a family. Parenthood is something that no one can be fully prepared for before it happens – and sometimes life doesn’t give us that chance. However, in the nine months that you’re expecting to welcome a new life, you have the opportunity to take a few practical steps to make life as a new parent a little easier and make sure that your child is well cared for. So what do you need to do before your baby arrives? Here are lifestyle factors to address while pregnant.

L+Factors To Address While Pregnant - +W+ho You Are Is What Counts: 5 Steps to Maintaining a Positive Body Image During Pregnancy -

Save Money To Cushion Yourself

There’s no doubt that new babies can be expensive. Beyond all the equipment you have to get and perhaps needing to move to a bigger home or redecorate the one you have, there are also things such as childcare expenses and even loss of income to consider. Many women quickly find that maternity pay won’t cover everything, and additionally may choose to return to work only part-time once they’re ready. So it’s important to fully understand the financial reality of having a baby and try to offset it. Use the time you’re expecting to build up your savings as much as possible. Go through your budget and see what you can trim back – cancel off any unused subscriptions and shop around for the best deals on things like electricity, whole life insurance and mobile phone contracts. Not only is it helpful to practice living on a little less before your pay drops, but it allows you to build up a cushion of savings to make life a bit more secure once the baby arrives.

Have An Honest Conversation With Your Partner

It’s also important to have a clear discussion about how you want your child to be raised. What values are important to you? How do you expect to share the childcare and run the home? What kind of education do you want your child to have? What, if any, religious traditions would you like the child to follow? These are all things that can turn into big disagreements down the line if you don’t establish them before the birth. Be prepared to compromise and accept your partner’s point of view as well. It’s very important to unite as parents and present a consistent experience for your new arrival.

Address Your Health

Certain lifestyle factors to address while pregnant means your actions could have a lasting impact on the health of your unborn child. So take a moment to assess how you are living. Are you at a healthy weight? Do you make exercise a part of your daily life? You are going to have to embrace dietary changes while pregnant, give up alcohol and limit caffeine. Really consider nutrition – it’s very important for you to get the right nutrients into your body at this critical time. You should also be taking a pregnancy specific multi-vitamin and folic acid to help support your baby’s development. It can be tough to stick to some of these restrictions, but you have the best possible reason for making these changes.

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