Decluttering and Getting Organised in 2019

2019 is the start of a year of getting decluttered and more organised. Last year with having a baby I let things slide. Snuggling with a newborn and taking it easy after a c section was much more important. Home Bargains have kindly sent me a whole load of stuff to help kick my ass into gear.

Decluttering and getting organised

So over the past week or so I’ve been getting up to lots of organising and having a clear out.

Baby Clothes

I started with baby clothes. For a few months I’ve had piles of newborn clothes right up to 9-12 months. Baby Dottie is a big girl and currently in size 12-18 months. I’ve had all of her new bits and her sisters to get shot of.

So with Mr B’s help, and some sticky labels from Home Bargains we packed up three suitcases full and trundled off to our local baby and children’s preloved sale last Sunday. It’s a bit like a car boot but inside with a table, and in the warmth! We sold a few bundles of clothes and a bouncer. Plus our Gro Egg we haven’t used in ages. Some other bits we donated to charity to local families in need. There is still more to sell again, so we will be splitting it between eBay and doing another sale.

baby and childrens preloved sale

Now there is some space in the girls wardrobe, I can organise their clothes. I’m loving this hanging wardrobe organiser, which I’m putting into their wardrobe. It will help to organise their tops and trousers. With the six compartments they can have three each!

hanging wardrobe organiser


I’ve popped this mini white board and pen onto the fridge door to make myself quick notes. I’m always forgetting to take shopping bags out with me, which is a complete pain. I think I will keep a little stash in my car. I have to write reminders to myself, because when I’m heading out, I’ve got lots to remember for the girls, and everything else goes out of my head. There is such a thing as baby brain!

mini white board and pen

Being self employed you need aids to help keep things organised and in order like receipts etc. This is where the stationery comes in! Folders, sticky notes, and staplers are a big part of this. The new tax year is upon us soon so new folders and notes will come in handy to keep everything tip top.

home bargains stationery store


I’ve been having a tidy up in the bathroom and removed all my old makeup that was past its use. This beauty organiser tray is perfect for the bathroom or dressing table.

makeup and bathroom organiser

I’m loving the copper trend around at the minute and these makeup bags are cute. They will be perfect for makeup and toiletries when we go away. I love the see through one so I can see whats in it, plus its prefect for travelling abroad.

make up and beauty bags

Do you have any decluttering and getting organised tips?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this post.

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8 thoughts on “Decluttering and Getting Organised in 2019

  1. I like doing various crafts which means I have lots of things to organise. My craft room is our guest bedroom, so I need to keep it looking nice. I save empty jam jars and other glass jars, and use them to store buttons, string, raffia and various other bits and bobs. I covered some sturdy shoe boxes in wrapping paper and use then to store my stash of ribbons. All of these are stored on a set of shelves, so that they look tidy and most importantly so I can find things.

  2. Fantastic organisation ideas!! I’m admin support – so have to keep my desk organised at work and I usually write to-do lists so i can keep on top of daily tasks. I also stay organised at home I have a desk tidy and lots of stationery!! XX

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